Health: Chomper Labs Night Guards + R8.D8 Sparkling Infused Tea

Here are two new brands that solve problems in a creative way:

Oral health is linked to overall health, and grinding your teeth can result in some serious down-the-line oral health drawbacks: eroded enamel, cracked teeth, shifting teeth, tooth loss, and dulled teeth that will render chewing more difficult and choking far more likely. Protect your teeth with the Chomper Labs night guard,, which is custom-made and hand finished to ensure that it fits you perfectly. Chomper Labs is on a mission to do dental care differently, starting with at-home convenience.

Here’s how the Chomper Labs night guard process works:
1) You receive their at-home mold kit with putty to create an impression of your mouth for your night guard. It takes 30 seconds. Then you mail it back to them. The process is quick and painless, much like at the dentist’s office when making an impression.
2) You receive your night guard in the mail 3 – 5 days after Chomper Labs receives your impression and ID card. You’ll be updated by email, too. Success!
3) It may feel snug at first but after a week or so, it will fit comfortably, like a pair of shoes you have broken in.
4) Your impression is kept on file for future use.

It’s truly that easy. Read more and save your smile here. You can also check out their video instructions or receive text-based instructions at their website. Sweet dreams!


Another fantastic new product in the health realm is gnusante’s RA.D8 Sparkling Tea infusion beverages, available in 4 inspired flavors: Blueberry Vanilla, Cool Pineapple, Green Apple Ginger, and Lemonade Thyme.

The beverages deliver a bounty of all natural, healthy goodness through sea buckthorn, Omega 3-6-7-9, beta-carotene, vitamin E, elastin peptides, marine collagen, and antioxidants. Sip and swirl your way to improved skin elasticity and a nourished glow while quenching your thirst. Follow @Gnusane_RA.D8 and order at Do something gnu for yourself.