Health & Fitness Best Bet: The Arctic Chill Blender

The sleek, modern Arctic Chill Blender from Dash is an insulated tumbler (16 oz) that will enable you to eat well, feel great, and carry your blend to go in a single-serving tumbler with a top, which stays cold for hours. So head to cardio, yoga, or work with healthy, unprocessed food and drink to nourish your body and impart more energy. This is a perfect holiday gift idea for anyone who loves to work out or plans to make healthier eating a New Year resolution.

The Arctic Chill Blender hooks you up with recipes, a travel lid, and a double-wall insulated blending tumbler. The Dash philosophy is to take small steps each day to live a healthier life – and that the best path to wellness is to eat whole, natural foods. We concur! Visit or and follow @unprocessyourfood.

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