Health & Fitness Best Bet: Huel for Fuel

Huel’s chocolate flavored powerhouse is a meal in a bottle, packed full of nutrition that renders it fulfilling and revitalizing for workouts and workdays. Ideal for when you need to nourish yourse;lf properly on the go – at the gym, at the park with the kids, at your desk when you’re harried, and on vacation. High in protein, fiber, essential fats, 27 vitamins & minerals, complex carbohydrates and less than 1.5% sugar. Available as powder and in an array of flavors, such as mint chocolate, strawberry, caramel, apple cinnamon, chocolate and Huel Vanilla. Immensely popular in Europe, Huel has a minimal impact on animals and the environment.

Read more at and email questions to:; @huelusa. Refer a friend and receive $10 off your next order (bonus: and your friend gets $10 off as well). Stock up and fuel for summer.

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