Health & Fitness Best Bet: Organic DEFY Hemp Products

DEFY delivers organic hemp products from Denver, CO in various forms: as a variety of high-quality sports drinks, as a hemp supplement, and as a muscle balm after workouts.

DEFY’s hemp supplement provides 250 MG + CBD per bottle (with 0 THC) to soothe frayed nerves and promote relaxation. Who doesn’t need that in 2020? DEFY’s CBD Muscle Balm is ideal for post-workouts when muscles are sore. It was crafted with a powerhouse combination of 800mg CBD, 10 percent menthol, and five percent camphor to soothe stressed and tired muscles. Its no-mess, roll-on design renders it ideal for your gym bag

DEFY’s recovery enhancing CBD products are exclusively sourced from hemp crops grown using organic practices on licensed U.S. farms. Products are all traceable back to the batch, and are third-party tested for potency and purity.

DEFY has a load of different sports drinks, too – some without sugar – as well as hats and Check them all out at Free shipping on orders over $40.

In 2017, NFL Hall-of-Famer Terrell Davis used CBD to recover after a workout, and it changed his life. Through it, he was able to recover faster between workouts and achieve a level of locked-in focus that helped him defy the challenges that hold athletes back: his injury history, his overworked muscles and the deteriorating effects of age. Inspired to share these benefits with all athletes, Terrell and his team embarked on a mission to launch DEFY, which is the first mainstream CBD performance beverage built specifically for athletes. Formulated to aid in rapid muscle fiber recovery and clear-headed, hyper-focused training, DEFY delivers naturally derived performance, recovery and rejuvenation for every kind of athlete.


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