Health & Fitness: Empower Yourself with the SheWorth Journal

Inspire, motivate, and empower with the SheWorth Journal. Taking a few minutes a day to write down your thoughts in a journal has been proven to be beneficial for resolving conflicts, building self worth, and bolstering inner strength. This new She Worth Journal takes this idea a step further by providing women a daily resource to empower themselves and become more confident.

Based on the SheWorth Movement, the journal aims to provide both a support and a platform for change. Encouragement is given by focusing on small, attainable daily goals that can break the chain of self doubt and create successful outcomes and victories. The journal serves as a classroom for learning by providing a psychological overview that explains the basis of brain functions, how we form habits, and how to forge change. You’ll learn about neuro-plasticity, mirror neurons that influence your thinking, and how to overcome a negative environment in order to become your best version. 

Daily AM and PM prompts motivate you towards action without undue stress — and you’re invited to finish a paragraph every morning for 30 days that starts with one thing that you can commit to that day and one affirmation that you will repeat to yourself.

In the evening, you can return to the journal and write about one thing that went well during the day, and things that you are proud of. Research asserts that repetition and persistence lead to meaningful progress. Small changes lead to more fundamental ones by slowly implementing a new thought process.

The Journal’s creator recommends that you commit to using it daily for 30 days. Many women struggle with poor confidence and defeating behaviors, resulting from toxic relationships and/or stressful family or work environments. If you know someone who might benefit from this, gift her this wonderful journal to support her freedom, resilience, self-autonomy, and happiness.

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