Health + Fitness: First Honey to the First Aid Rescue

Medical Grade Manuka Honey from New Zealand is put to healing use for dry skin, minor cuts, burns, and all manner of band-aid requiring accidents with First Honey. This brand offers hive-to-healing Skin Therapy Cream, Mauka Honey Ointment, and Manuka Bandages as a natural choice in skin-friendly first aid care.

The Skin Therapy Cream feels like velvet on your skin and smells minty fresh. It soothes and moisturizes dry skin on feet, hands, and body as needed, and was crafted in a small town in New Zealand called Masterton. The First Honey team is dedicated to harnessing the powerful nectar of the native Manuka flower to deliver safe, effective, and nourishing care.

First Honey Sterile Honey Ointment is ideal to have on hand for kitchen scalds, abrasions, lacerations, and minor burns. Parents of kids with scraped summer knees will appreciate this soothing balm, which is medical grade.

The First Honey Manuka Bandages contain a layer of Manukamed Certified potent Manuka honey to saturate the wound and keep it moist, which is conducive to healing, nestled within a skin-friendly adhesive for pain-free removal and application. I was able to put these to the test with success! You can find them all HERE.

Have a scrape-free summer, filled with flowers, bees, and nature’s bounty.