Health & Fitness: HumanN Beet Chews + Kindroot Adaptogems

If health is wealth, then these items are pure gold for your new year:

HumanN’s Vitamin D3 Chews support respiratory and lung health, bolster your immune system, and support bone health. Plus, they taste delicious in the mixed berry flavor. Featuring no artificial flavors or sweeteners, Non-GMO ingredients, and gluten-free, these are a tasty way to treat yourself to good health.


Their Super Beets Heart Chews promote normal blood pressure, heart healthy energy, and improved blood flow. Who doesn’t want to need that as 2020 comes to a close? The PomegranateBerry flavor is incredibly delectable, and these chews contain no synthetic ingredients or artificial sweeteners, are Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. In addition to beet root powder, they also contain grape seed extract to pack a strong nutritional punch.

Find these products at or call 855-636-4040.

Kindroot’s Defend Adaptogems support your immune system with Vitamin C and impart vigor with reishi mushroom. Available in a bag of 20this dietary supplement is aromatic, sweet, vegan, and is reminiscent of an orange-vanilla float in taste. Keep breath fresh, too! Follow @kindroot for more Adaptogems variety info and visit their website HERE. Also available at Anthropologie stores and at Urban Outfitters stores, too.

Stay healthy in 2021!