Health + Fitness Power Pairing: RISHI Tea + Zoey’s Digestif

These two brands go together like a log and a fireplace this winter:

NYC-based Elix has concocted a warming herbal and nutritional supplement with Zoey’s Digestif, a tasty, beneficial blend of Hawthorn berries, orange peel, cardamon pods, ginger root, and cinnamon bark that warms and heals. It can be added to tea (see below), cocktails, mocktails, desserts or wherever your creativity takes you. This can be taken by mouth with the glass dropper and is ideal for colder weather. Our digestive system is crucial to health, and this non-alcoholic sugar-free elixir benefits your spleen, circulation system, and helps prevent bloating, nausea, and stomach discomfort. Take before meals for easier, more relaxed digestion. Bonus: this tastes like cinnamon candy. Check out the entire Elix line here.


Rishi Tea & Botanicals – Organic + Nutrative
Rishi has an inspired line of organic teas for cold-weather comfort, relief, healing, and wellness with creative blends that taste wonderful. These teas are the newest herbal tea offerings from the brand and these high-quality teas should be in your winter cabinet:

Everyday Matcha
Rishi partnered with pioneering organic tea farmers in Japan to source exclusive cultivars of super premium matcha. Origin: Kirishima Mountain, Kagoshima, Japan. This is a flavorful matcha that blends easily and tastes rich. Drink it as is, or flavor to taste.

Pink Lemon Ginger
Pink Lemon Ginger (caffeine-free) is a special twist on the classic combination of lemon and ginger and contains Red Shiso, a refreshing herb that is part of the mint family. Grown in Japan and throughout East Asia as a culinary herb, Red Shiso has a tangy and fruity taste, with a sweet and resinous aroma. It is used traditionally in the pickling of plums to create umeboshi and in a variety of seasonings for sushi and rice dishes. Lemon helps to pull the reddish-purple pigments out of the red shiso leaf, creating an overall pink infusion color in this deliciously warming and soothing botanical blend. A hint of pink rose petals adds luster and perfectly complements the zesty aromas of ginger and red shiso.

Cinnamon Tulsi Spice
Cinnamon Tulsi Spice (caffeine-free) is a warm melding of spicy and sweet, awakening the palate and providing a ritual of comfort. Signature hot ginger from Mizoram, India, combines with bold green cardamom from the lush jungles of Guatemala in this unique tea blend. Real cut cassia cinnamon bark from Northern Vietnam, chosen for its irresistible sweetness, combines with orange peel, a hint of energizing licorice root, and the Vana variety of Tulsi Holy Basil in lieu of cloves. Savor intriguing, mystical, and aromatic notes of anise.

Greek Mountain Tea
Greek Mountain Tea (caffeine-free) is a hardy, flowering perennial grown in the rocky slopes surrounding the Aegean Sea. Greek Mountain Tea has an uplifting, energizing and warming quality that pairs well with aromatic ginger. Since ancient times, the herb has been cherished as an invigorating herbal tea, fortifying travelers against the elements. Greek Mountain Tea has a sweet and savory presence akin to thyme, sage and linden honey, so here it is paired with Mediterranean oregano and golden Croatian chamomile blossoms.

Bergamot Rose
Bergamot Rose (caffeine-free) soothes with intriguing aromatic botanicals. Red rooibos, from the arid Cederberg mountain desert region of South Africa’s Western Cape, provides a bold and brilliant body to this herbal tea. The wondrous fragrance of pink rose petals from the Mediterranean, sweet lavender blossoms, and the essence of bergamot citrus combine to provide a deeply relaxing aromatic tea experience. Luscious, restorative berries, including schisandra, maqui and murta, create a holistic sense of replenishment.

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