Healthy Roundup: Peppertux Farms Pistachio Butter, CBD Distillery, Natracare

From relaxing and de-stressing, to eating healthily and using personal care products that are safe and effective, this trio will add immeasurable benefit to your daily life:

Pistachio Butter – Mesmerizingly Green + Good for You
The inspiration for Peppertux Farms Pistachio Butter began on a road trip along the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, resplendent with fresh, natural foods – eventually resulted in their award-winning suite of olive oils and super-green pistachio butters. Peppertux Farms uses the highest quality Turkish Antep Pistachios. Enjoy their 100% Pistachio Butter on sliced bread as you would peanut butter, or be creative with how you’ll use it in recipes for appetizers, entrees, or desserts. Pistachios help regulate blood sugar levels, and are rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and copper; they are also used to lower cholesterol levels and have a high concentration of phytochemicals that fight against cancer. You can even just grab a spoonful as a snack to quell hunger pangs and add nutrients to your day.

Available in three varieties, similar to peanut better: Unsweetened 100% Pistachio Butter, Original, and smooth Pistachio Cream. These are fantastic for school lunches, cookies, and even chicken dishes. You can also find delectable, rich and fruity Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Roasted & Salted Turkish Pistachios on the Peppertux Farms website HERE.


CBDistillery – Gummies for Serenity
CBDistillery has everything under the sun for CBD connoisseurs. CBDistillery is the top online retailer for U.S. Hemp Authority-certified CBD products and flagship brand from Balanced Health Botanicals. As founders of the #CBDMOVEMENT, a “one-stop-shop” educational resource for consumers, the brand is on a mission to create greater awareness and understanding about CBD. Its full suite of products includes CBD-only and THC-infused products, as well as products for daytime and for a restful sleep.

Daytime Synergy Gummies from CBDistillery are a proprietary, full-spectrum CBD blend containing equal volumes of CBD and CBG, along with other active minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, and less than 0.3% THC. Savor this delicious, orange-flavored, relief in gummy form; each bottle contains 30 pre-measured, 30mg gummy to keep your days stress-free. Check these and their other products HERE.


Natracare – organic personal care
Natracare provides organic cotton options in personal care for tampons, mini-pads, and wipes in a variety of sizes and shapes, and clean-ingredient Intimate Wipes for periods and after sex. Mini-pads are comprised of certified organic cotton, ecologically certified cellulose pulp, and plant starch. Why would you want anything less than pure, organic ingredients for one the most sensitive areas of your body?

Natracare enables you to rest assured that you’re not trading quality ingredients and healthfulness for convenience or price. Shop their entire line of products here.


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