Healthy New Drinks: ALIVE Ancient Mushroom Elixir, Aqua Kefir, Bax Botanics

This dynamic duo of refreshing drinks will protect and preserve your body’s vitality with nature’s remedies:

Alive Ancient Mushroom Elixir‘s Root Beer flavor tastes exactly like root beer. It uses a trio of powerful mushrooms in whole form – the fruiting body – to bolster immunity, improve digestion, improve sleep, balance energy, detox, and deliver nutrients. It contains reishi mushroom (600mg), chaga mushroom (600mg), turkey tail mushroom (600mg), organic raw apple cider vinegar (30g), organic pu-erh tea, organic dark amber maple, and organic root beer spices. The Alive Ancient Mushroom Elixir flavor Yerba Mate swaps out the pu-erh tea for yerba mate instead, and is just as incredible. Or try their many other flavors: Ginger Turmeric- herbal guayusa tea with fresh-pressed ginger and turmeric, Cascara Cider- stimulating cascara tea with comforting cider spices, and Matcha Vanilla- uplifting ceremonial matcha tea with aromatic vanilla. You can find these at ALIVE is certain to be one of your new favorites. Low carb, low calorie, 100% delicious.

Aqua Kefir Probiotic Water delivers 6 billion probiotics for digestive support and full-spectrum electrolytes for healthy hydration in Peach Pineapple, Coconut Mint, Ginger Lime, Orange Peach Mango and Pomegranate. Raw, organic, and dairy free, Aqua Kefir is an authentic water kefir cultured with ancient probiotic crystals discovered more than 200 years ago on the pads of Mexican cacti. Naturally fermented, this is a fantastic way to relax and replenish yourself after a long workday or a workout.

Bax Botanics offers flavorful alcohol-free spirits. The brand’s Sea Buckthorn and Verbena flavors are both excellent as standalone drinks or when mixed with your favorite cocktails. Sea Buckthorn has a rich, bittersweet fruity profile that is incredibly distinctive, and Verbena is bright, zesty, herbal and refreshing. Both are at their finest paired with a quality tonic, and both mimic the slight bite and smooth flavor of gin.