Healthy Trio: Iceland’s Orlo, Cali’s Super Pop Bars + Vermont’s Drink Simple Maple Water

There’s a whole wide world of health-bolstering food and drinks to be savored, so delve into these new products from various spots on the globe:

Orlo: From Iceland with Love
Orlo Omega-3 is the world’s first carbon-negative omega supplement, grown in an aquaculture planthouse in Iceland in a fully regenerative production process. The unique polar lipid structure of these omegas provides superior absorption and thereby 3x the nutritional benefits than other fish and algae supplements. These are non-GMO, vegan, deliver no fishy after-burps, are smaller pills, and this brand bolsters your brain health, heart health, joints, visual acuity/eye health, and immunity. The average human body is comprised of approximately 37 trillion cells and every one of them depends on omega-# fatty acids to function properly, so these omega-3 supplements are simply a smart choice. Check out their podcast and other products.

Drink Simple: The Benefits of Vermont Maple Water
Have you tried organic Maple Water from Vermont yet? If not, you’re in for a treat. Drink Simple‘s Maple Water comes in packs of varying quantities and includes a Mixed 12-Pack of Sparkling Maple Waters in Raspberry Lemon, Blackberry Lemon, and Orange Cream as well as Tart Cherry Vanilla.

Why Maple Water? It’s ultra-hydrating, plant-powered water, sourced from maple trees – it’s also full of plant-powered phytonutrients such as electrolytes, polyphenols, minerals and antioxidants. These drinks have no added sugar or sweeteners, and half the sugar of coconut water. Drink Simple Maple Water is perfect way to stay hydrated and refreshed during or after workouts, or when fighting Zoom meeting fatigue. You can whip up incredible smoothies with maple water, too.


Super Pop Snacks – Cali’s Clean Nut Butter Bars with Flavor Twists
Super Pop snack bars are plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. They’re also delicious, 100% clean-ingredient, fiber-filled, tasty, and full of flavor. Some snack bars taste like wet cardboard, so even if they’re good for you, the experience leaves too much to be desired. Not so with these Super Pop nut butter bars, which come in Churro, Peanut Butter & Honey, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and Almond Blueberry. Pair with your morning coffee, snack on one for a mid-afternoon protein lift or to fuel workouts, or add one to ice cream. However you eat these snack bars, you’re sure to benefit, and to please your taste buds in the process. Super Pop Snacks is a female-founded, family-run health food snack company based in Southern California, born from the need to feed family members better, more nutritious, and cleaner food. These Super Pop Bars should be dubbed peanut and almond nut better.