Humann Chews: Superbeets, Vitamin D3 Berry, Supergrapes + More

Humann has perfected the nutritional chew to render it more than just a supplement; it’s also a delicious treat that curbs cravings as it delivers healthfulness. The Superbeets Chews offer two options: Heart Chews in pomegranate berry (blood pressure, energy, heart health), and Memory + Focus chews in blueberry pomegranate (memory, focus, alertness).

You can pair heart and brain support together with these two products, which also reduce oxidative stress and damage. The beetroot powder used is non-GMO and includes 150mg of Enovita grape seed extract with powerful antioxidant polyphenols, found exclusively in the white grapes in the French Loire Valley. These Humann chews are individually wrapped for freshness, and no mess in your purse or pocket. Every minute 750-1,000 milliliters of blood flows through the brain, and this cerebral flow is crucial to maintaining healthy brain function. Humann’s Superbeets Memory + Focus Chews contain coffee fruit extract and resveratrol to support this blood flow.

Humann’s Supergrapes Chews have a tasty grape flavor and bolster healthy blood flow as well as provide vitamin B12 to promote energy. All of these chews are purity verified with rigorous testing, and were created through a careful grape seed extraction process to preserve beneficial polyphenols.

Humann’s Vitamin D3 Chews deliver 5,000 IU per serving for respiratory and lung health, immune system health, and support for healthy bones. This D3 is imparted as cholecalciferol, which is a more easily absorbed form of vitamin D. It is essential for the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and the minerals needed for bone health. These chews are ideal for 2021, with its emphasis on clean air, immunity, and lung health.

On the Humann website, you can also find Superbeets in beet crystal form and other products, too. This Austin-based brand is taking healthfulness to a new, elevated level of efficiency, purity, nutrition, and taste. Get all of the chews, and reap all of their benefits.