Icelandic ÖRLÖ for Prosperous Health: Q & A With Co-Founder Isaac Berzin

The popularity of Omega-3 encompasses the entire globe. Getting your sufficient amount of omega 3s daily is essential to prosperous health and no one knows this better than Issac Berzin, Co-Founder of the Icelandic supplement brand ÖRLÖ. I had the pleasure of speaking with Berzin to glean the lowdown on his breakthrough line that features the world’s first carbon-negative omega-3s.

Thank you for joining us. Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a proud father of three girls, a frustrated saxophone player, and an up-and-coming chef and barman, specializing in blue cocktails. I am fortunate enough to have a broad spectrum of scientific background, starting with classic chemical engineering, which helped me build the foundations and the understanding of classical engineering. I have a PhD in biotechnology, so I understand the complexity of biological systems and how they react to a changing environment, and I understand how interconnected everything is. In order to truly understand the human body, it requires a multidisciplinary scientific approach.

What inspired you to found ÖRLÖ and how has it evolved? 
I fell in love with algae while I was a researcher in the MIT Center for Space Research while I was cultivating algae for the International Space Center. I realized how fundamental algae is for human existence and how amazing algae is. Did you know that algae is the only source of nutrition with zero waste? No other agricultural produce we grow has zero waste. In contrast, staple crops are mostly agricultural waste.

This brings us to the really fascinating fact that we are enabling the evolutionary transition from animal-based to plant-based nutrition. Many of the essential nutrients we are currently obtaining from animal-based nutrition such as omega-m3 and B12, are actually not produced by the animal but rather by microorganisms. When we eat fish, we get secondhand omega-3 which comes with a “price”: Unwanted potential toxins in a less bioavailable form. The same goes for when we eat meat, we get second hand B12 that is produced by microorganisms. The price here is that animal-based nutrition has a significant environmental impact. When you get your B12 directly from algae it is the primary source in the most bioavailable way, so it is good for you and good for the planet.

ÖRLÖ created a platform that enables this next generation plant-based nutrition. ÖRLÖ allows people the opportunity to make nutritional choices without harming the environment and without suffering from lack of essential nutrients. ÖRLÖ makes this transition a celebration.

You have quite an interesting background. Can you share with our readers why you are an authority in the fields of health, wellness, and longevity?
A combination of scientific education and personal experience. I grew up on my grandfather’s farm which enables me to understand the agriculture practices and their environmental costs. On a personal level, one of my daughters was a strict vegan for many years and suffered from severe B12 and iron deficiency, so I have seen firsthand the price you pay for your nutritional choices. ÖRLÖ enables people to make these choices without paying the price and without compromising the sensorial experience.

For those of us who are not so knowledgeable in this subject, could you please give us a brief description of what exactly DHA and EPA do to the body? Why should we take this in a supplement form?
EPA and DHA are essential fatty acids classified as omega-3s. They are called essential because our bodies require them, but they cannot be produced by our bodies. They are essential to life. EPA helps to stimulate resolvins which help the body resolve inflammation so it can return to a healthy balance. EPA supports a healthy cardiovascular system and even promotes a healthy mood. Scientists believe it functions this way because it stimulates the resolution phase of inflammation. An inflamed brain is a grumpy brain.

DHA stimulates protectins which protects our DNA from damage. DHA also makes up half of the fat in our brain and eyes, and it is critical for cell-to-cell communication, especially in our central nervous system and brain. It also supports the growth phase of every hair follicle, and supports healthy nails and skin too. You could consider DHA the “beauty and brains” omega-3.

Why would we want to implement ÖRLÖ into our diet and is this supplement meant for everyone? What age range would you say are most consumers who take ÖRLÖ?
Omega-3s are absolutely essential for everyone, at every age of life. Most people consume an insufficient amount of omega-3. The ideal cellular level of omega-3 EPA and DHA is 8%, but most Americans have levels that range from 3 to 4%. Luckily, supplementation easily corrects deficiency.

Our Active Omega-3 and Active DHA are in the polar lipid form, rendering them up to three times more bioavailable than fish oil. This means we can offer them in a much smaller, easy-to-swallow softgel. Any child over the age of 6 or older adult who can swallow a small pill can benefit from taking them. This product is essential for children because the DHA enables a healthy brain, gut and central nervous system development.

For women it’s important because they often have an omega-3 deficiency, and pregnant and breast-feeding women are also responsible for passing on these essential nutrients to their baby. There is no chance of overdosing. We know nutrition is key to the health of our hair, nails and skin. DHA stimulates hair growth, balances skin oil levels, revitalizes the skin and reduces the likelihood of sun damage. B12 supports normal red blood cell formation, cell division, energy metabolism and boosts our immune system are all directly related to how we feel, and this has a direct effect on how we look. Beauty starts from within.

With some supplements it is recommended to take a break. Is ÖRLÖ a supplement that you believe we should continue to take daily?
There is no good reason to stop taking omega-3 supplements, unless your doctor advises you or if you already have an omega-3 index of more than 8% omega-3s EPA and DHA from your diet alone. When in doubt, test your omega-3 levels. You can get an omega-3 blood spot test from a variety of companies for about $50.00 to verify your levels, or you can sign up for ÖRLÖ’s TESTED BY YOU subscription. You’ll receive an omega-3 index test with your first order, and another again after your fourth month of supplementation. This helps you verify your levels on day one and after four months. 97% of our users experience an increase in their omega-3 index.

There is no risk of overdosing. Since we have no toxins there is no reason to stop using ÖRLÖ (as opposed to fish oil that can have toxins). The process of building B12 reservoirs in your body takes time so it is important to regularly take your supplements.

What sets your brand apart from others and will you be producing any new products?
At ÖRLÖ we create products that feature the most bioavailable nutrients that are vegan, Non-GMO, and responsibly made. Each of our products addresses common deficiencies with nutrients that are better absorbed, so they help you naturally activate your cells to unleash the energy you need to optimize productivity, focus and endurance.

ÖRLÖ is good for you and good for the environment. We use 99% less land and water resources in our cultivation processes and use only green energy to grow our algae, so deliver on the promise of providing more with less while retaining carbon neutrality.

Future product releases are coming soon, showcasing our unique Icelandic Ultra Spirulina which supports your brain health, mental and physical performance, and your health and vitality. Icelandic Ultra Spirulina provides a direct source of active vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), and Active Iron , which supports natural energy production and a healthy body and mind.

Just for fun, can you share with us the most interesting story from your career?
In the early stage of my career my passion was biofuels and we were cultivating algae with maximum amount of oil in triglyceride form. There was a component that was interfering with the fuel production that I needed to get rid of. You know that component was? Omega 3! Before I started enhancing them I tried to get rid of them in my previous life.

Anything else you would like our readers to know?
Our readers are true partners in enabling the evolutional transition to plant-based nutrition. Their choices make a real difference in how our future will evolve.

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