IntelliWHiTE’s Smile Saver Toothpaste + Daily Whitening Gel = Stronger, Healthier Teeth

Toothpastes are no longer the one-size-fits-all that we used in our childhood. New research and technology allow tooth-care brands to improve all the time and provide increasingly more benefits to our teeth simply by brushing them a couple of times a day.

IntelliWHiTE’s NEW Smile Saver Toothpaste is a fluoride-free toothpaste formulated with Nano HAP (Hydroxyapatite) and Vitamin D technology, a form of calcium that mimics the foundation of a healthy tooth structure. This technology was first used by NASA astronauts returning home to help remineralize their bones and teeth. By using Smile Saver, you will help remineralize enamel, fight cavities, plaque, gum issues, bad breath, and sensitivity.

Smile Saver was created by intelliWHiTE’s founder, Dr. Jennifer Jablow, a renowned celebrity dentist behind Ashley Graham’s gorgeous smile. Find it at

Use Intelli WHITE Daily Whitening Gel Power Boost to whiten your teeth gently and remove stains. The formula uses hydrogen peroxide that works even between teeth. Just place a small drop on your toothbrush along with your toothpaste and brush for 2 minutes twice a day. Your teeth will start looking brighter in a few days. Find the duo at


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