Internal Beauty: Hers Products Holidays 2022

2022 comes to a close: it was a hectic year filled with heartbreak, happiness, and now the holidays. And here for the holidays comes hims & hers — a Telehealth company — with their range of personal care products, which make ideal gifts for those special folks in your life, including yourself.

From chill under-the-tongue drops, shiny hair gummy bears, and a radiate-from-within skincare products, here is a cheat sheet to the trio of goodies to treat the person in your life who needs a health reset for 2023:

Mind Unwind: Calm Drops
As someone who struggles with anxiety, particularly around this time of the year, these drops have brought me a bit of peace. Made with Rhodiola & Ashwagandha (aka feel-good ingredients that relieve stress), Chamomile, and 5-HTP, L-theanine and B6 (aids in boosting your mood and alleviating irritability). There are no addictive properties in these little drops and they’re easy to consume under the tongue or in a drink. Whether it’s your first dose at the top of the morning or before you head to work after studying, it’s simple and convenient when you need a relaxation sesh. Lavender and stone fruit flavors these drops, a tasty plus, along with being non-GMO, vegan, and having no fake dyes or flavoring. What’s not to love?! You can purchase them here for $25. I like to put a dropper-full under my tongue before I head into stores, especially those that can be crowded with the holiday rush. The edge is taken off as I experience inner bliss at the checkout line, thanks to Mind Unwind.

I am the first to admit, I can be a bit absent-minded when it comes to taking supplements… or rather, a bit reluctant. Those big, smelly, gross-tasting pills are difficult to swallow, and somehow I end up getting one caught in my throat, no matter how much OJ I wash it down with. In comes Biotin Gummies for the solution: they’re small, delicious, effective, and of course, gummy! These multivitamins contain biotin, Vitamin B12, B6, D & Folic Acid. Pretty much all the good stuff to make your hair shiny, nails strong, and leave you looking like a total babe. I use them as a treat in the morning to start my day off in the headspace of health. It inspires me to make a little green juice instead of going for a bacon-egg-and-cheese. If you also want inspiration for healthy(ish) choices, you can purchase these yummy gummies for $16 here.

During the cold seasons, we ache for the golden colors of summer and the glow from the sun. Fortunately, we can capture the shine of warmer months with Effortless Glow Oil and be transported to a more beautiful time. Show some skin slathered in this oil – or at least what can be seen when bundled up to brace against the cold. I used it when I first got up in the morning, splashing my face with some warm water. I took two drops, or three if I was feeling a need for extra nourishment. A light layer of moisturizer and I would go about my normal makeup routine. My foundation became luminous thanks to this oil. About twelve hours later, I would get ready for my evening routine. After washing my face I would drop a healthy amount of oil onto my face and use my rose quartz roller. It enabled the product to sink into my skin and gave a little TLC to slow down and reflect on my self-care. Effortless Glow Oil became the product for me to find some peace for myself over the course of my jam-packed days, all for $25. Pick it up here.

Health is wealth, which is even more important during this time of the year, both physically and mentally. With him & hers products, you’ll be able to jumpstart your New Year’s resolutions for healthy living.