Interview with Olivia Alexander, Founder of CBD Brand Kush Queen

CBD is the remedy to depend on during the flu season to build immunity and protect from infection. Here are some insights from Olivia Alexander, founder of the CBD company Kush Queen, about how CBD bolsters immunity during the cold season.

Q:Can you tell me about what led you to found your company?
I started working in cannabis at the age of 18, long before legalization in California. After running a vape company called The Crystal Cult and working in almost every facet of the industry, I launched Kush Queen in 2015. I had worked for too many cannabis companies that didn’t care about the things I cared about, such as great formulas, social responsibility, and creating a space for the non-stoner. So I set out to create a cannabis company that was different. My goal was to create cannabis products that were so good, they would change people’s perception about the plant. 

Q: Tell me about the immunity boosting ritual of Kush Queen and how CBD can help during flu season and the Covid epidemic.
After years of being on pharmaceuticals for depression, my immune system was non-existent. After I replaced those drugs with our Kush Queen products, my overall wellness increased and I wasn’t getting sick as much. That shift in my well-being was because of my daily ritual of using CBD and cannabinoids. Those ingredients improve your overall immunity. I don’t recommend only taking CBD when you are sick. 

This is where Kush Queen comes in. All of our products harness the ultimate immune strengthening power of the plant. Our full spectrum tinctures and gummies are key during flu and COVID season because they deliver an internal dose. Our bath bombs target the largest organ in your body: the endocrine system, by combining the power of super-potent and well formulated essential oils with cannabis to create the entourage effect, where all the molecules work better together. There are many scientifically proven benefits to bathing, such as increased circulation, lower stress, and better sleep. When you add CBD to a hot bath with powerful essential oils for your immune system, like our Immunity bath bomb does, you’re harnessing the ultimate power of plant medicine. 

Q: Tell me about your Kush Queen CBD bath bombs and CBD tinctures and how you create them.
First and foremost, everything is made by hand in Anaheim, CA by an incredible team, who all make livable wages at our company. We do not automate the production process. We really believe in investing in our people. During production, we start by sourcing the best lab-tested and pesticide-free hemp from Oregon. The soil and growing environment there is the best in the country; the quality is unrivaled. Then, we source all of our other food grade ingredients and essential oils locally in Southern California. We manufacture our own products, ensuring every single item in our line has the maximum amount of thought and care put into it. We have much more control over our products than brands who don’t manufacture. Once the product is finished, we lab test the bath bomb for purity and potency so every label claim is accurate. At Kush Queen, the two most important things are the products and the people who use them. That philosophy is what guides us everyday. 

Q: What is your CBD daily regimen? 
Pre-COVID, I was taking anywhere between 100mg to 200mg of CBD a day. Now that we’re living in a pandemic, my daily regimen has increased significantly. I start with a 2500mg Bare tincture when I wake up and then use our CBG gummies mid-morning. I normally take a 200mg CBD bath three days per week. My favorite is Black Magic. I also use our Soaked shower gel every day. I dose with THC throughout the day in conjunction with my CBD. And every night I sleep like a baby, thanks to our CBN gummies. I deeply believe that the endocannabinoid CBN should always be ingested vs. applied topically. If you’re not familiar with CBD, it’s a non-intoxicating compound that’s best known as the cannabinoid created when THC ages. I’ve found my best self by constantly using these molecules to manage my symptoms from Bi-Polar Disorder. It’s important to share that I don’t believe all people need to use as much as I do. Dosing needs vary based on personal health and physical response to the plant. But for me, this is how I’ve been able to completely replace pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people underestimate their dose and do not engage in CBD in a ritualistic manner, which is really where you see it improve your life. 

Q: What does CBD offer us that other health remedies lack, in your opinion?
The way CBD connects with our bodies through the endocannabinoid system to improve function is why this ingredient is so superior to other natural remedies. Its function inside our bodies is powerful in regulating our most important functions like sleep, mood and appetite. CBD is also a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. We know it’s more powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C, which says a lot about the molecule. It’s non-toxic and non-habit forming, which sets CBD apart from other remedies. Looking ahead, the cannabis plant has more than 100 undiscovered and understudied compounds outside of just CBD, THC, CBG and CBN, spanning cannabis flavonoids and terpenoids. There is so much more left to be discovered from this plant that will benefit our health and wellness and protect our bodies from disease for centuries to come, once it’s properly researched and formulated.  

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