Is Your Deodorant Standing Up to This Weather?

If you’re broiling and melting and wishing you had longer-lasting deodorant, check out Freedom’s lineup of superstar clean-ingredient deodorants that will last 24 hours: Unscented, Magic Lavender (soothing), and Coco Van (delicious), Black Rose for rose lovers, and Berg-E-Mint (fresh). Made with all-natural ingredients and absolutely zero chemicals or aluminum, it’s the healthiest deodorant you can find. Chock full of cypress, coriander, lavender, coconuts and lemons, Freedom is vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free; it contains no aluminum, parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances.

The Freedom brand was formulated to help breast cancer patients who need to use all-natural ingredients during chemotherapy (and the brand’s founder Ira Green is currently battling breast cancer), and having a deodorant that both works and is healthy is crucial. A little goes a long way with this aluminum-free, women-owned brand, and two swipes is all you’ll need to get through these humid, sticky, brain-melting summer days. You will sweat because these are not anti-perspirants, but you’ll smell delightful. CoCo Van smells like the beach, and Lavender smells like a summer garden. Sensitive skin will relish the Unscented version. Chock full of goodness such as coconut oil, arrowroot powder, jojoba ester, moringa butter ester, essential oils, and more. The Eucalyptus Shower Mist Spray is equally heavenly, and comes in a regular size as well as a mini travel size to keep things fresh as you roam to the gym and vacation destinations. Find lip balms and other pure, effective products at the Freedom website, too. #FreedomFam