It’s Time to Switch to Menstrual Cups

As people thoughtlessly hoard home goods like toilet paper, you might be worried about your tampon supply. Surely by now you’ve heard of the menstrual cup, an eco-friendly alternative to tampons that can be reused indefinitely, only requires one purchase, and won’t cause toxic shock syndrome if you forget to remove it for a few extra hours.

After the first wave of menstrual cups, Intimina has created new designs that solve the most common concerns women have about menstrual cups.

The Lily Cup is an ultra-smooth version that molds to your body shape. Like all menstrual cups, it collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, creating an odor-free period sans irritation. The Lily Cup is the only menstrual cup available that can be rolled to the size of a tampon, making for pain-free insertion. Up to 12 hours after inserting it, remove the cup without spills (the no-spill rim prevents it) — ingenius!

Bring the Lily Cup Compact version with you everywhere you go, which means: no emergencies. This version is the world’s first collapsible menstrual cup, collapsing into a tiny pocket-sized case to bring with you wherever you roam.

Just when you thought these improvements couldn’t get any better, Intima made the Ziggy Cup. As the most comfortable and versatile option, this cup has a flat-fit design, and doesn’t even look like a cup. Unlike tampons and regular menstrual cups, the Ziggy Cup — made of petal-thin medical-grade silicon — sits right under the cervix. This means you can even have sex while it’s inserted (who knew?). These options enable you to be smart about the planet, self-quarantining, and your budget all at once.