Jiggly Arms, Be Gone!

I wish that sculpting my biceps was as easy as grabbing a pair of dumbbells and swinging them up and down. It isn’t. First of all, it takes time to see results — at least six weeks of consistent training. Secondly, one can waste a lot of time in the gym without getting results for a variety of reasons. In the past, improper form tripped me up because I was moving too fast without properly isolating and working my biceps.

Recently, I’ve been working out more effectively, thanks to No Conformity Co’s ArmTrainer. Acting like a personal trainer, it forces me to focus, ease up, and use the correct form during every set.

Before working out with NOCO’s ArmTrainer, I watched this video to learn how to assemble and properly use it: https://youtu.be/uQN3nObCP7M.

If you want to tone your arms and avoid common mistakes that are often made during bicep toning exercises, learn more about the ArmTrainer here.

Buh-bye batwings!

Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

Rachelle is a multimedia lifestyle writer reporting on lifestyle trends, products and services, ranging from fashion and beauty to food, wellness, fitness, travel, pet products, entertainment, and home decor. She completed coursework in creative writing and English literature while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree. Rachelle loves to travel throughout the United States and has visited 20 states to date, with plans to visit as many as possible!