Joya for Ultra-Healthy, Delicious Elixirs

Joya‘s trio of tasty and medicinal concoctions as elixirs prove that healthy medicine can be found in your herb and spice cabinet, if not in your own garden. Easily added to your favorite latte, these magical blends can replace even the most ardent coffee lover’s routine with supportive energy and healing essences.

Bliss – Cacao Elixir Blend
Who doesn’t love cacao? Brew a cup of deliciousness with this blissful blend that includes mood-supporting Mucuna Pruriens + the stress-supporting, calming Queen of Mushrooms, Reishi. This blend also delivers iron, potassium, Fo-Ti (He Shou Wu) Root Extract, Maca Root Powder, and more. Slip it into lattes, smoothies, snacks, baked goods + everything else you can brainstorm for superfood blissfulness.

Glow – Turmeric Elixir Blend
Now is the ideal time to strengthen your immunity, stress response, digestion and overall wellness from the inside out with both warmer weather and more unmasking on the horizon. This is a unique signature blend of invigorating spices and time-tested adaptogenic herbs – including Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Astragalus + Pine Pollen. Add this powerhouse to lattes, smoothies, snacks, and whatever else you fancy.

Focus – Matcha Elixir Blend
Ditch the coffee break for the clean and natural energy of matcha — and you’ll accomplish so much more without the mid-afternoon crash. This smooth-tasting ceremonial-grade matcha blend includes Lion’s Mane mushroom, Ashwagandha, Pine Pollen + Moringa for a whole body feeling of zen and stress support. Add it to lattes, smoothies, snacks, baked goods + wherever your taste buds take you.

Zing Herbal Tea
This is a stimulating blend of ginger, licorice, rooibus leaf, orange peel, star anise, fennel seed, and astragalus that is naturally caffeine-free and adaptogenic for immune + digestive support. This is beautifully aromatic and rife with unsweetened botanicals that support hormonal, nervous, and digestive systems.

Find a wide array of other incredible products at the Joya website too, and start living your healthiest life. Joya utilizes the most revered and ancient ingredients in these creative and crave-able blends.

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