Keep the Dazzle in Your Smile During the Pandemic

During the Covid-19 crisis, many of us are giving up on some of our usual beauty maintenance routines out of precaution for our health and that of our families. For better and worse, we have learned to take care of many things ourselves. If you are not comfortable visiting your dentist for your regular whitening appointments, it is very easy to do the whitening yourself at home with the professional-grade Linhart Whitening Collection by the father-son celebrity Linhart dentist practice in New York City.

The Whitening Collection comes in an elegant box with 4 professional whitening gel syringes, each with 3mL of 35% carbamide peroxide gel — the same formulation used at Linhart Dentistry in New York City. It is vegan, clean, and does not irritate gums.
Included in the box is a blue LED Light to activate the whitening gel from the syringes.  The medical grade light is durable, waterproof and is USB rechargeable. Simply apply the Linhart Professional Teeth Whitening Gel from a syringe onto the upper and lower inner areas of the clear tray attached to the whitening light. Turn on the Led Light. After 16 minutes, it will turn off. Linhart recommends two to four timed cycles daily until desired results are achieved.

To sustain the brightness of your smile, the Linhart team recommends to add a drop of the same gel every day to your Linhart whitening anti cavity toothpaste. Not abrasive, the Linhart Whitening Collection helps to strengthen and protect enamel. 

Known for the NYU Dentistry’s Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program, the Linhart father and son collaboration is a solid reference in dental care.

Find more information at The Whitening Collection and all their oral care products is also available on amazon and in select specialty pharmacies nationwide.