Life Tonic for National CBD Day

Let’s celebrate CBD National Day with Life Tonic, a company that produces CBD and CBG that gets absorbed faster by the body. Life Tonic uses its own patented technology to allow cannabinoids to be dissolved into the bloodstream quicker. This new Ultra Rapid Onset technology makes it possible to derive even more benefits from the cannabinoid’s numerous restorative advantages. The product also uses a practical spritz delivery system that helps you swallow the CBD and CBG instantly. This unique technology is pretty amazing because it’s difficult for the human body, which is about 60% water, to absorb oil. Most CBD companies struggle to get oil-based cannabinoids, including nano-emulsified cannabinoids, into the bloodstream. LifeTonic’s formulations use a process that ionizes cannabinoids so they behave more like salts instead of oils.

LifeTonic has also invented a unique proprietary Evaporative Extraction™ technology to harvest cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp plants. The technology is the only of its kind in the world, relying upon air rather than solvents to extract delicate compounds from plants. In just seconds, Evaporative Extraction™ produces a premium full-spectrum extract with an ultra-high terpene content.

I tried LifeTonic ’s new ionized CBG and CBD products that include:

The Life Tonic Ionized CBD Sublingual Spray with the fastest absorption of CBD. 25mg CBD per Serving / 750mg CBD per Bottle. Find it at

Life Tonic also carries a collection of natural spices to boost your immune system such as the Life Tonic Ionized Turmeric™ Sublingual Pump that has an amazing taste of spicy naturally sweetened turmeric. Take it along your daily dosage of CBD or CBG to boost your immunity. You will never want to take turmeric another way so delicious is the formula.

Life Tonic CBD and CBG collection is one of the cleanest on the market because of its unique evaporation process.

Let yourself be tempted too by Lifetonic CBD Tart Cherry CBD Gummies made with real tart cherry juice. Only organic natural ingredients are used to make gummies from scratch in small batches. These CBD gummies are absolutely yummy! Find them at

Have a Happy National CBD Day!