Lots Of Knots? This Tool Is Self-Help For Your Muscles

Trigger points. Muscle spasms. Aches, pains, stiffness. Whatever your woe, I’m willing to bet massage can help it—and if a trip to the spa isn’t in the cards, here’s a way to help yourself: rykr roll.

This line of innovative self-massage tools is making it easier than ever to treat all kinds of muscle maladies at home, right when they arise (or work into a regular regimen to help prevent them all together). Speed up post workout recovery, improve your range of motion, relieve achiness, and more.

Check out the Pestle rykr roll—it features a 360-degree rollerball that’s about the size of a dime, so it’s easy to work on troublesome areas like the forearms or to zero in on calf or foot hot spots. The other end features a stationary knob that’s perfect for applying consistent acupressure-like treatment to knots and trigger points to encourage them to release. All this in a super portable size (it’s almost pocket-sized at 6 inches long) and a comfy rubber grip.

Explore the Pestle (from $19.88) and more rykr roll products at www.rykrroll.com or on Amazon.

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