Major Mushroom Mania

They’re small. They’re unsuspecting. They’re always there, if you know where to look. Mushrooms. They’re taking over the mainstream, they’ve grown into my life, and I hope they stay a bit longer.

Magical Moisturizer
They offer numerous benefits whether you eat them, powder them, or put them on your face. Yes, I wrote face. A.P. CHEM offers their highly luxurious, always nutritious Magical Moisturizer. Formulated with adaptoGEN8™, an octet of mushroom blend including Shiitake, Reishi, and Wood Ear to name a few. Their signature KETAmino Acid Complex® is a powerful combo of neuropeptides and amino acids. All goodness to firm, smooth, and hydrate your face. I applied the Magical Moisturizer all throughout this week. From days at home and relaxing with my dogs or heading out with friends to the city, my skin always glowed. I even saw improvement on the smile lines around my mouth after a few days. Magical Moisturizer… it says it in the name and it rings true.

Microdose 100mg
When I need a pick-me-up of the brain, I turn to Schedule35’s Microdose. Whether I’m studying for English or need to relax before a yoga class, I turn to this mushroom blend to give me that zen. I just popped a capsule in at the start of the morning and noticed my focus heighten as I read for class, my focus sharpen while I ran on the treadmill, and my mood brighten while I met up with some friends for après-dîner in town. I’ll be cycling these fungi into my regular routine, or at least when I need a boost!