Manage Vaginal Health with Bonafide Clairvee

Bonafide helps women feel better at different stages of their life by providing powerful natural remedies for natural symptoms. Are you suffering from discomfort in your vaginal area such as itching, burning or dryness? It may be caused by a hormonal imbalance. If you are peri-menopausal or menopausal, a decrease in estrogen could be the main cause. A new vaginal probiotic ClairveeTM helps women restore and maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome by relieving discomfort from the occasional itching, burning and dryness.

Its unique formulation has been validated across multiple clinical trials, demonstrating lasting, long-term relief and shown to maintain the balance of the vaginal microbiome in as early as 15 days. It is a good idea to keep your vagina’s balance in check by taking a probiotic regularly that helps prevent problems by reinforcing its unique microbiome. Take it every day with a juice or water. Clairvee’s probiotics do not require to be refrigerated.

Discover Clairvee and other Bonafide products to help you manage vaginal issues, PMS and menopause challenges HERE.

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