My Day of R & R

I’ve been able to integrate new ways of relaxation, besides you know, binge-eating cookie dough and American Horror Story.

Burner Babes

To get into the headspace, I light up with Burner Babe, the cutest vegan papers for rolling up. Their prints and colors put a smile on my face, from their papers to their trays. I use their pre-made cones (though they have papers if you enjoy the meditative action of rolling). Their papers are made of rice paper and wood-pulp paper, with no unnecessary flavors, and burns slowwwww. Perfect for starting a day of rest.

Magnesium Gummies

I can’t forget to take care of my internal health while relaxing, which is why Qunol supplement gummies have been a saving grace. I’ve been taking their Magnesium gummies, which help with nerves, bones, and muscle health. And taste like mixed berries! I need these after going hard at the gym or hiking for hours on end. No gross pills here, which makes it easy to incorporate into my relaxation day.

Sow the Magic
I spend some time with my Sow the Magic products.

The Empress Bee
I put my hands in the dirt with their flower seeds. Which are non-GMO, organic, and heirloom varieties, meaning: the seeds were passed down through generations. I planted The Empress Bee seeds in the mini clay pots I picked up from the market. These should blossom into purple-blue buds to attract all the bees! After I spent some time watering the seeds, I headed to the bathroom for a decompressing bath.

Natural Reed Diffuser
As the tub fills I set up the Sow the Magic Natural Reed Diffuser in Fortune. Fragranced with plant-based essential oils with a coconut oil base, it’s ideal for scenting any room. Once the bath is warm and filled…

Bath Tea
I throw in the Bath Tea in Lemon Balm. Soaking in this mixture lifts my spirits and unwinds my muscles. The best part: it’s all plant-based and vegan. I can take the herbs from the Bath Tea and throw them into the compost, bringing them back to the Earth.

Rose Quartz Tonic
After an hour or so, I step out and spray their Rose Quartz Tonic all over for a moment of self-love and a breath of fresh roses while I continue on with my next steps.

Advanced Water Filter with PRODermis® Water Softener

Relaxation is the knowledge that I’m doing the best I can for my body. That’s why Filterbaby’s Advanced Water Filter with PRODermis® Water Softener attachment has brought me peace of mind. Easy to install, this filter promotes healthier skin. It turns tap (which oftentimes is hard water) to soft water which in return softens my skin. This filter removes up to 99% of chlorine as well as microplastics, bacteria, lead particles, and other icky microscopic nasties. I can wash assured of purity with Filterbaby.


I go in with Clean Slate Gentle Cleansing Cream by Onekind. This cleanser melts away any impurities that gathered on my face throughout the day. The leftover mascara dissolves with this creamy wash. I rinse and feel softer without the skin-tight drying that I get from other washes. Following up with the Glow Getter C E Serum. It’s made with vegan sugar cane-derived squalane and hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, and vitamin C to combat sun damage and dead skin cells. Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer is the final step to seal in the serum. The aloe vera and chamomile help to calm my skin for bedtime and the thick texture hugs my face. Onekind keeps everything simple yet effective making them what I reach for chill days at home.

Image #9 Dionis

I have to moisturize my hands and lips of course! Dionis Goat Milk Skincare has the yummiest-smelling hand cream. I am obsessed with the Milk and Honey hand cream, it smells like a homey day with a cup of tea. The Milk & Honey lip balm I apply to my lips, and yes it smells as good as it sounds. I enjoy Dionis because they support local goat farmers to resource their milk. Happy goats make for happy girls like me!

Buddha Board

Before I drift off I spend some time drawing with my Buddha Board. This nifty drawing pad only requires room temp water. To clear it, just wait for the water to evaporate. Its premise is based on the Buddhist concept of non-attachment and of letting go of things. It’s mess free and easy to do while in bed, which is my favorite way of enjoying it. I have their classic size for home, and mini for when I’m on the go. Not that I’m heading anywhere besides bed after this relaxing day.