My Weekend with Nutrapath

Organic Cold-Pressed CBD+CBDa Supplement

This weekend I must say, stress got the best of me. I mean, packing in theory sounds fun, but in reality I’m just exhausted. A full dropper of Organic Cold-Pressed CBD+CBDa Supplement goes under my tongue and I put on some smooth jazz. As I decompress, my mind relaxes, knowing these drops are vegan, gluten-free, cGMP certified, pesticide free, and third-party tested. The healthiest thing I’ve consumed all day (listen, I had to eat those frozen mac and cheese balls, they were calling my name). Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD+CBDa pressed into organic coconut oil. Made in Vermont, too. Maybe that will be my next trip…

Organic Cold-Pressed CBD+CBDa Joint Support Topical Oil

For my aching neck and shoulders I pump some Organic Cold-Pressed CBD+CBDa Joint Support Topical Oil into my palms. I warm it up and work it into my skin and know the very short ingredient list is treating my skin right. Organic full-spectrum hemp extract, Organic stinging nettle, Organic chamomile, Organic ginger, and Organic frankincense; I can say truthfully I know everything that is going onto my body. It sinks in quickly and takes away the aches and sores, leaving me on cloud nine. Nutrapath has saved me this weekend.