NEEDED: Nutrition + Immune Support for All

Needed provides supplements and immune support for the whole family, and also offers essential and effective pre-natal support for moms-to-be.

Elderberry-Based Immunity Support
Easy-to-take in smoothies, juices, or with water, the Needed Immune Support contains delicious elderberry, zinc, and pre- and post-biotic powder. It’s s formulated with your whole family in mind by a team of perinatal and pediatric practitioners. Safe and effective for adults, kids, pregnancy, and nursing, it’s designed with exactly what you need to thrive in good health: Zinc, Elderberry, Prebiotics, and Post-biotics (including 1,3/1,6 Beta-glucan), in optimal forms and clinically-studied dosages. Gut health support is important, since 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. One bag includes 30 adult servings or 60-120 servings for children. Find it here.

Pre-natal Health
Food alone often fails to meet our nutrition needs, especially for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum well-being. Nearly all women have nutrient deficiencies, and prenatal vitamins were not making up the difference. Most prenatal vitamins contain just enough nutrition to prevent birth defects and serious diseases, but fall far short of providing women all that we need for optimal fertility, pregnancies, and postpartum recovery. Critical nutrients like Omega-3 DHA + EPA, certain B Vitamins, Choline, and Magnesium are lacking from most prenatal vitamins, or when present, dosages are generally too low or nutrient forms are too difficult to absorb to meet a mama’s needs. And, they are missing other key components like Collagen Protein and Pre/Probiotics. So try these NEEDED pre-natal offerings.