New Products for Your Queen V

Take charge of your intimate area’s needs, optimal health, and hygiene with this selection of products that promote beneficial body ecology and much more freedom for you as a woman:

Always use a gentle soap when washing your vaginal area. The cleansing Queen V Bar is pH-balanced and infused with gentle aloe and rosewater specifically formulated not to be harsh on your most intimate area.

Balance yeast and bacteria to maintain a healthy vaginal environment by taking the Queen V DD Probiotic. One capsule every day will support your digestive, immune and antioxidant health as well.

Do you suffer from vaginal dryness or low desire? Help blood flow and boost your libido at the same time with the Queen V Livin’ Libido Loca capsules formulated with beet juice powder and L-arginine.

All Queen V products are available at Free People.

For years pads and tampons have been the convenient way to absorb blood flow during menstruation. New sustainable solutions are available today such as the new line of undies made especially by Thinx. The crotch area is padded with a special breathable, moisture-wicking cotton that draws away wetness, dries fast and lets out no odor. Whatever your flow (light, medium or heavy), the padding between your legs will never be bulky. You can still wear tampons, pads or a cup if you want to take extra precaution at night. Cute, modern and washable, the line is a must for today’s women. Look at this practical, adorable line at