New Spring Products to Boost Health + Fitness

Achieve optimal health while having fun with these three must-have products:

If working out your abs and core is more of a chore to you than a hobby, you need Stealth. For those of you who like to play video games, this fantastic exercise device has you gaming your way to the perfect core. The Stealth Core Trainer is a balance board that works with your phone to distract you while you play video games as you hold a plank in various positions. Yes, you can work those problem areas and do something enjoyable at the same time. The movement targets 29 muscle groups and you only need a couple minutes a day to achieve the abs you want. There is no assembly when you receive your Stealth and it is very durable and simple to use. Just be sure you only use your Stealth for planking and don’t stand on it. So stop making excuses not to work on that plank; nab your Stealth at

Lucyd Lyte
Let’s talk about some cool fancy glasses. Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Sunglasses are not like any other sunglasses you have worn before. With built-in speakers, this ingenious product lets you listen to music without having to put any device in or over your ear. A much better alternative if headphones tend to bother you after a while. Connect to any of your smart devices with Bluetooth capability, and Lucyd Lyte allows you stream music and podcasts, get directions, and even make and take calls using your voice assistant with the included mike. These sunglasses are perfect for your outdoor workouts, lying on the beach, or just to make a fashion statement. And enjoy six-to-eight hours of battery life per charge. The fit is comfortable and you can adjust the glasses by making them tighter or looser to your liking. Lucyd takes pride in its product, as it is the only smart eyewear provider to offer direct delivery of their frames with professionally-fitted prescription lenses. Receive 10% off your first order when you join the mailing list. Learn more at

PatPat Fitness
If you’re looking for affordable and fabulous athletic gear to help jumpstart your fitness routine, head straight to PatPat. The versatile brand has something for everyone looking to get back into shape after the winter season. From workout clothes, running shoes, yoga mats, headbands and resistance bands, you will find what you need for a price that won’t break the bank. There is always a daily deal and incredible discounts. Check out your fantastic options now at:


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