Nourish Your Body: Spirit Almond + Painterland Sisters Organic Skyr Yogurt

Here are two ultra-healthy brands that will sate you with an array of important nutrients. Pack them in a lunch and stock up at home for healthy snacking.

Spirit Almond: Inspired Almond Flavors
Spirit Almonds are the snack almonds you never knew you would genuinely love. While it’s obvious that almonds are good for you and provide a plethora of essential nutrients, they’re often viewed as flavorless – and the one that are flavored usually taste artificial. Spirit Almond provides snack almonds in truly inspired natural flavors that are rife with flavor, and and feel long overdue. Flavors include Seaweed, Koji Salt, Mustard, Curry, Miso and Black Garlic.

These tasty almond snacks contains 7g protein, healthy fats, 3g dietary fiber, no cholesterol, 50% DV Vitamin E, and 20+ antioxidants. They’re dry roasted, vegan, gluten-free, completely natural, and packed with nutrition.

Snack on these while traveling, after workouts, before workouts, at parties with cocktails, at school when studying or in lunch boxes, and at work. Both nourishing and delicious, these crunchy almonds were created by a Japanese team in Los Angeles in 2021 and their flavors impart a Japanese flair (Tamari soy sauce, Koji, Umami, Karashi, and sesame oil-infused seaweed).

In Japan, it’s believed that nutritious food sparks good spirit and vitality. This is so true of Spirit Almond’s products. Choose your favorite flavors of this plant-based mini-meal, which is not an easy task because they’re all delectable, here.

Enjoy 15% off with a subscription, and order gift boxes for holidays and birthdays.

Painterland Sisters Organic Skyr Yogurt is Creamy Heaven
Support American Farmers and indulge in luxuriously thick and flavorful, certified organic, Icelandic-style Skyr yogurt created with Pennsylvania milk. High in protein with billions fo probiotics, these yogurts seem almost defiantly thick and dreamy. Excellent for those who are lactose-free, Skyr yogurt originates from Iceland. Painterland Sisters crafts theirs with no fillers or funny stuff – only milk from their family of farms. These yogurts are not overly sweet and are well-balanced in flavor. Skyr yogurt has been around since the Viking era, and is more nutrient-dense than other yogurts.

The Pertinent Skyr Details:
Flavors include Vanilla Bean, Meadow Berry, Blueberry Lemon, Plain, and Strawberry
It takes 4 cups of milk to make 1 cup of Skyr yogurt.
Each yogurt is packed with 18g of protein and 6% healthy milk fat.
Each yogurt delivers billions of probiotics, including BB12.
Sweetened naturally using organic berries and minimal cane sugar
Happy animals, happy farmers, healthy soil, clean water and air

Who are the Painterland Sisters?
Hayley and Stephanie Painter were raised dreaming of bringing light to their family’s farm and sustaining it with regenerative farming, with a mission to connect people with the real source of food: the American farmer. They also intend to honor Mother Nature and to assist in healing the land at the root. So when you enjoy a Painterland Sisters yogurt, you can savor a healthy, delicious, convenient, and sustainable snack that is women-owned. They have been feeding people and the Earth since 1941.

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