Nourished: 3-D Yummy Gummy Stacks

The gummy vitamin craze is thriving. Nourished Life Stacks is here to help us cater to our body for the better from the inside out. With so many options available, choosing a vitamin brand can be overwhelming. However, Nourished has three gummy stacks that are a game-changers when it comes to your daily health.

The Party-Proofed Stack?

Specializing in purification, The Party Proofed Stack provides year-round, all-season immune support whilst aiding your body to repair and bounce back. Produced with a dynamic formula of clinically proven micro-nutrients, this distinctive combo contains ginger to help reduce nausea, and milk thistle to help your body detox. This gummy also includes seven different nutrients known to support recovery and support mood regulation.

The Shape-Up Stack

Get your body in tip-top condition with The Shape Up Stack. This awesome supplement is power-packed with Vitamin B12, apple cider vinegar, beetroot, vegan Vita-algae d3, LactoSpore probiotic, and white kidney bean extract. Just the mixed formulation of superior vitamins and nutrients makes me want to pop one of these stacks in my mouth! If gluten gets the best of you, then The Shape Up Stack also helps to block carbs and suppress your appetite.

The Plant-based Power Stack

For those who strive to keep a vegetarian or vegan diet, The Plant-based Power Stack is what you need. Not only does this stack cover all of your daily essentials, but it also supports combating depression, strengthening immunity, and maintaining proper cognitive function.

If none of these stacks pique your interest, take the Nourished quiz to see what the Nourish brand’s science-backed algorithm recommends for your own personalized gummy stack. Receive 40% off your first monthly box with code: FEB40. See all that Nourished has to offer at