OMG! Nutrition + SimplyProtein for Optimal Vitality

Need a great snack idea? Here are two brands to boost your health and energy levels:

Magnesium is a powerful supplement that plays a vital role in the body, supporting more than 300 biochemical reactions involved in muscle function, the immune system, and heart and bone health. It’s not easy to get our proper dosage of magnesium daily, but OMG! Nutrition has created a product that takes care of that. OMG! Nutrition is a supplement start-up that believes in the power of magnesium and the pivotal role it plays in the suitable functioning of our bodies. OMG! has given magnesium a new makeover. If you don’t like taking pills, or measuring how much powder to scoop out of a container, OMG! Nutrition makes it easy to treat your body well for health and vitality.

The company has created single-serve packets in three different flavors that make it easy and convenient for people to get the magnesium they need whether they are at home or on the go. You can choose from these delicious flavors: Tropical Punch Ready to Mix, Berry Blast Quick Melt, and Berry Blast Ready to Mix.

OMG! Nutrition uses premium quality ingredients from trusted suppliers, including TRAACS®, a patented form of chelated bioavailable magnesium from Albion® Minerals, as well as natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners. All OMG! Nutrition products are non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan.

“This is the one supplement almost everyone needs in order to thrive,” explains Samantha Cassetty, M.S., RD, chief nutrition officer, OMG! Nutrition. Cassetty also speaks in more detail how a decent night’s sleep and magnesium go hand in hand here

Another highlight of OMG! Nutrition is that these powdered packets are gut-friendly. OMG! Nutrition states “Our products are less likely to cause the cramping, nausea, and diarrhea that can occur with some other magnesium supplements, making them especially good for people with sensitive stomachs.”

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Clean, healthy, and tasty snacks can be hard to find. Especially if you are looking for high quality ingredients that also provide nutrition. SimplyProtein has created three delicious guilt-free snacks that are perfect when you are on the go, or when you need that extra “kick” to give you some energy. With 11 grams of protein or more and only 0-3 grams of sugar, SimplyProtein snacks are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, and do not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors or colors.

How SimplyProtein started is an inspiring story. The founder, Cathy Richards, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when she was twelve-years-old. For years she struggled to find a nutritious snack that did not upset her stomach and that was made with simple, clean ingredients. She decided to leave her job and develop her own snacks that she and others could eat on the go. Her idea was to produce a product without artificial sweeteners and unnecessary calories or sugar. The result is SimplyProtein. Her snacks come in three different varieties:

Baked Bars Clean
Choose from Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter Cookie, these chewy bars are an absolute delight. If you like softer foods then this bar will satisfy your needs. A healthier indulgence and packed with protein.

Crispy Bars Clean
If you like a little crispiness when you are having a treat, these nutritious bars balance clean ingredients and protein together in a new texture you haven’t tried before. They are delicious and perfect for those busy days when you need an energizing snack. Choose between Lemon and Peanut Butter Cookie.

Crunchy Bites Clean
These bites are delectable and make for a real versatile snack. With a crunchy texture and two savory flavors to choose from, Barbeque or Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, you will be glad you tried something new. You can eat them straight out of the bag, or throw them into a dish or salad. Not fond of kale or certain vegetables? I find sprinkling these bites on a mediocre salad makes it so much better. And you are still receiving all the health benefits while enjoying a satisfying meal.
You can buy SimplyProtein products online or in the store. Check your store locater for details at