Oryx Desert Salt: A Gift from the Kalahari Desert

The SALT of all salts
Oryx Desert Salt is 100% pure, just as it existed when it was traded ounce-for-ounce for gold eight thousand years ago. Nothing is added or subtracted. Sourced from an uninhabitable area with no contamination and pollution-free, this salt contains vital minerals and trace elements, perfectly balanced by nature for the body to absorb and use for vitality and health. Sustainable and renewable, it’s also sun-dried in 120° Fahrenheit (49° Celsius), unrefined, and has no additives. Culled from rom an ancient and pristine source: the Dwyka rock formations that are geo-scientifically tested to be 250-350 million years old, situated in the Kalahari Basin.

Why salt from the Kalahari?
Lauded by international chefs, Oryx Desert Salt has a distinctive taste that improves the flavor of dishes. Salt is the smallest ingredient in any meal yet makes the biggest difference. Some other sea salt brands are filled with micro-bead plastics and contaminants from ocean pollution, and table salt is industrialized, highly processed, and refined (sometimes even bleached) with anti-caking agents such as sodium chloride. Himalayan salt is a non-renewable resource, which is dynamited-out due to increased demand, leaving chemical residue. Oryx Desert Salt is naturally organic, mineral rich, from an ancient unpolluted underground sustainable salt lake in the remote uninhabitable Kalahari Desert of South Africa, in a region five times the size of Texas, where the closest town is 175 miles away. No chemicals added or needed.

Desert Salt is not sea salt, so it’s a new salt category. It’s renewable & sustainable from three rivers that flow 100 – 300ft. below ground through the Dwyka rock strata, geo-scientificaly tested to be 280 – 300 million years old. Naturally organic, this desert salt contains all of the essential minerals & trace elements as balanced perfectly by nature. Oryx’s ceramic grinders are environmentally responsible too, since they’re long-lasting, refillable, and reusable up to twenty times or more.

The taste! The Oryx salt taste is full and gentle when compared with sea salt, and loved by international and Michelin-star chefs. The brand’s logo, a gazelle, was inspired by a close encounter with an Oryx on a 7 day-75-mile walk in the Namib Desert.

This is a sad state of our planet: “The highest level of plastic contamination was found in salt sourced from the ocean,” reports Scientific American. “The researchers measured more than 1,200 particles of plastic per pound of sea salt.” Also, in a study published by Environmental Science and Technology scientific journal, 39 salt brands from 21 countries were analyzed and it was determined that a full 90% contain microplastics. (See: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/article/microplastics-found-90-percent-table-salt-sea-salt

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Don’t Forget The PEPPER
Oryx Whole Black Peppercorns with a ceramic-head grinder full of peppery Madagascan goodness is long lasting, refillable, and reusable. Add a dash of intense flavor to your favorite pasta, omelettes, salads, and entrees to complement your Desert Salt, and also find Smoked Salt HERE.

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