Pamper Your Feet This Season – Or Give the Gift of Comfort

End your sore-feet woes with these solutions for improved comfort as you dash around the city: 

Zeba sneakers uses a patent-pending “collapsible shoe heel” technology that enables users to put their shoes on effortlessly. If you have trouble bending down or just don’t want to fuss with shoe lacers, you will love these effortless “hands-free sneakers” that just slip on and immediately provide cushioned comfort and relief. The back of Zeba shoes collapse and bend down so that the user does not have to. If you suffer from limited mobility, you will especially love these sneakers. Think of them for anyone in your family who relies on caretakers to get dressed, such as your elderly relatives. If you have lower back pain or joint inflammation, you’ll also appreciate the comfort of these sneakers that provide a thick buffer between your heels and the pavement. The Electric Black Sneakers look amazing with everything in your wardrobe. Comfy, snug socks are available to pair with these sneakers, too. Find them all at 

Formé Shoe Shapers are the perfect stocking stuffer. You’ll be amazed as they give your favorite shoes a quick stretch. Just insert them into your shoes, press down the button, and let them expand and rest in the heel area. This shoe shaper can help you fix tightness in the toe area or expand the size of your shoes after pregnancy. Or use this sleek, lightweight device simply to help shoes keep their shape when you’re not wearing them. You can customize the amount of stretch to match your needs. The Formé Shoe Shapers work in any shoes (heels, flats, boots, sandals, sneakers) and with any material (leather, fabric, even synthetic). Visit

Happy holidays!