Pandemic Sex + Relaxation

Since the lockdown, dating has become a bit of a scary venture for romance seekers. How do you know that the person that you meet on social media is not a Covid spreader? Are you supposed to wear a mask when having sex? The search for love has become daunting in this summer of 2020, so it’s no surprise that sex toys have been enjoying a boom during the pandemic, no pun intended. Having sex with a device rather than a new partner may be the safest route during these trying times.

To enjoy the benefits of sex without a partner, or enhance it with a partner, bring the Plus One Vibrating Wand to your bed. Very easy to use, you simply charge it with a quick-charging magnetic USB cable. The super smooth, ultra-hygienic, waterproof device is made in high quality silicone and comes with a broad head. It can be used with 10 different vibration settings in your bed or bathtub. You’ll love the powerful vibrations that release your body from anxiety and stress and help your mind find total relaxation. Indulge in some risk-free sex during the pandemic by picking it up here.

If all the anxiety at the present causes you to give up on sex, a few drops of Ami Wellness‘s the Libido Rescue Tincture will help you get back in the mood. This handcrafted organic remedy made with passion-inducing plants naturally boosts sexual desire, even enhancing emotional intimacy. Angelica Root increases stamina and libido, epimedium (horny goat weed) boosts sexual desire, maca increases sex drive, and damiana leaves increase sexual arousal. Isn’t nature wonderful? Made by women for women, you’ll receive an energetic boost and uplifting sensation with Ami Wellness Libido Rescue Tincture, which can be found here.