Plant-Based Power with Plantwise

Stress is an everyday occurrence in all of our lives. A factor of being human, yet it has been off the charts in our modern day and our bodies pay the price with lowered immunity and our gut bacteria out of whack. We repeat the cycle day after day, after week after year. It isn’t a good look. So how can we heal our internal health so we can flourish into our truest form? Diet, exercise, meditation; all the activities we know. To get some extra support I reach for Plantwise supplements, too. This is a plant-based brand focused on happy human health with supplements to keep my inner world balanced.

Plantwise offers a range of capsules. Immune Prime is an all-around capsule that works. Made with my favorite fungus: organic mushroom fruiting bodies including Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail, plus organic Chaga. Balanced with adaptogens like CBD, CBE, and CBG+ to soothe my endocannabinoid system (especially when heading to class and writing pages upon pages). Additions of Vitamin D and C aid in the production of immune cells and keep them healthy. The capsules look like lava lamps: one side filled with liquid and the other the compound of mushrooms and other goodies.

Ignite your brain with Mind Spark, the capsule that has replaced my daily cup of coffee. It’s filled with goodies like KSM66® Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Green Coffee Bean, Green Tea, Guayusa Extracts, L-Theanine, and Organic Whole Hemp Extract. Mind Spark keeps my energy levels up while studying for Classic tests or walking around campus, with none of the crash from traditional caffeine. I take it with breakfast and I’m set for my day.

Upset tummy? Dealing with bloat, constipation, diarrhea, and discomfort? Try Probiotics and postbiotics to ease the gut and build up the good bacteria. Postbiotics help to break down inactive probiotics and support long-term immune responses by modulating certain immune cells. In tandem with Prebiotic Acacia fiber that helps the probiotics bacteria to aid in the gut healing. I place the container in my fridge to keep everything fresh.

To recover from long days of swimming or running for miles: Pain Support comes in handy. The CBD, CBE, and CBG +, compounds found in black cumin seed, clove, ginger root, black pepper, and turmeric help ease muscle pains. I take these to soothe aches and head for a hot bath. Afterwards, my muscles feel relaxed and ready to take on another day of working out. Plantwise is a key player for anyone looking to take control of their health with the help of herbal supplements.