Planted Seeds: Take Your Vitamin Sea

Planted Seeds brand Purple Sea Moss Gel and Gold Sea Moss Gel are wild-harvested sea moss from the pristine waters of St. Lucia that provide a veritable boatload of benefits with just one tablespoon a day. This raw superfood delivers 92 trace minerals that support immunity, thyroid function, healthy blood glucose levels, digestion, inflammation, weight maintenance, and more, and are non-GMO verified. You can’t get purer than that when ingesting nature’s bounty.

You can add sea moss to your smoothies, soups, grains, yogurt, juice, coffee, tea, and even sauces and as a thickening agent and/or substitute for eggs in baked goods. In fact, you can even use it on your hair and skin as a brightening, nourishing treatment.

Purple and Gold
Purple Sea Moss contains additional benefits of natural purple-hued anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants believed to delay cellular aging and to help the heart by blocking the formation of blood clots. It’s harvested in deeper waters and is less abundant, so you can really taste the sea and its healing waters with Purple Sea Moss. This is air dried in a controlled environment.

Gold Sea Moss is sun-dried along the shores of the Caribbean in St. Lucia, and is rife with all of the sun’s beneficial impact on plants, and contains all of the same nutrients as the purple sea moss except for the anthocyanins.

You can find these mosses in 16oz or 8oz jars, or in their natural form. Sea moss is a marine macroalgae or seaweed, which can include various marine plants. The mossy algae that is sea moss grows on the rocky shores of the Northern Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe, and while the sea moss above is purple and gold, its hues can range from green to yellow, red, and even black. It features long spiny tendrils and it has a lettuce-like appearance when in the sea. The carrageenan in sea moss has been used for decades to thicken puddings, thick beverages, ice creams and other food, and is vegan.

Sea Moss contains:
Iodine, which is good for thyroid function
Antioxidants to protect the body against cell damage by free radicals
Fiber to lower cholesterol
Live bacteria for gut health
Iron for a healthy immune system
Taurine, an amino acid that supports the muscles
Copper, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin B

Support Planted Seeds, which takes a deep dive on its research, won’t compromise on quality, and partners with small family farmers who hand-harvest, practice eco-farming, and pay fair living wages.

You can shop their sea moss here.


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