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This year, I’ve been attempting to put an emphasis on my health and wellness. I started taking my yoga practice more seriously, attending class a few times a week, and picked up a word often used by the instructors: mindfulness. Thus began my journey of adding more time for myself, and prioritizing my movements rather than speeding through life.

AG1 from Athletic Greens
I’m a type A girlie, and one that loves a routine. Truly, the only reason I drink coffee in the morning is because I love the daily ritual of setting up my coffee machine and then adding just enough milk and creamer for my perfect brew of joe. Upon trying AG1 from Athletic Greens, I knew I had added another drink to the everyday mix. AG1 is a drink made from 75 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to promote gut health and support immunity. Not only does it pack all the nutrients you need into one drink, but it actually tastes delicious. I drink it first thing in the morning, mixing one scoop of AG1 powder with 8 or 10oz (I eyeball) of water, throwing in a few ice cubes and stirring together with my favorite metal straw. The straw is essential to combining the powder with the water, as it can sometimes clump up at the bottom of the glass. I’ve also found that I can put the AG1 powder into my water bottle with some ice and water and shake it that way to combine. Adding this to my routine has allowed me to take even more time for myself in the mornings. I am able to sit with my thoughts while I drink my greens, knowing I am starting off the day with fueling myself full of nutrients.

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5 Minute Journal from Intelligent Change
Something that I’ve always found helpful in calming my thoughts is taking time to reflect by journaling. The 5 Minute Journal from Intelligent Change has been life changing. For anyone that finds it hard to write freely from the mind without any prompt, the 5 Minute Journal makes it extremely easy. The journal is set up with sections to fill out, such as daily affirmations and highlights of the day. The goal is to take 5 minutes each morning and evening to set intentions and gratitudes for the day. This practice becomes “like a toothbrush for your mind” by cultivating positive energy through reflection.

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Paper Shoot Camera
Beyond being a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to the disposable camera, the Paper Shoot Camera is a great way to stay present when out and about. I know I’m not the only one who can’t help reviewing the photos I’ve taken within a few seconds of taking them, particularly when I’ve asked someone else to take a photo of me. The Paper Shoot Camera lets you shoot photos that are filtered to look like they were taken on film, but saved to an SD card so they can only be viewed after uploading to a computer. I love that this lets me take a photo and live in the moment, without worrying about capturing the best possible angle. The camera is extremely lightweight and easy to fit in a handbag or pocket. I didn’t expect how much I would love shooting on this camera! It is the perfect option for getting photos that look like they were taken on a disposable camera, without the need to pay fees to develop the photos. You do need to purchase two AAA rechargeable batteries, as well as an SD memory card to store the photos. I found both these items at Staples, but you can also find them in your local CVS, Walgreens, or photo stores. Though photos taken with the Paper Shoot Camera in natural lighting are immaculate, I wish this camera came with a built-in flash setting or night-mode capabilities, as photos taken in low light come out hard to see. Luckily, Paper Shoot Camera has an assortment of accessories to add on including a Ring Of Light to place around the lens of the camera, which combats the issue of low lighting. The Paper Shoot Camera is now one of the things I can’t leave my apartment without!

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Photo taken on the Paper Shoot Camera


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