Propolis Power – The Buzz on Beekeeper’s Naturals

Beekeeper’s Naturals offers a range of clean-ingredient, propolis-powered throat soothing lozenges in four super-flavors within their B. Soothed Lozenge family: Peppermint Eucalyptus, Ginger Lemon, Elderberry and Honey. All four flavors have added Vitamin D, zinc, and propolis for immune support.

Peppermint Eucalyptus is a breath of fresh air, combining the most powerful throat soothing ingredients — honey and propolis– with peppermint and eucalyptus to help ease congestion and a stuffy nose.

Ginger Lemon, is infused with honey and propolis, and is zesty and refreshing, providing antioxidants and vitamin C to support overall immune health and aid in relief from an upset tummy.

Elderberry is a delectable, ancient remedy for colds and for bolstering immunity.

Honey is a sweet way to boost immunity with uniquely clean and non-toxic ingredients.

All of these lozenges contain no sugar, gluten, or artificial flavors. They’re ideal for traveling, when attending shows (you don’t want to be the person coughing in the middle of a scene), and for keeping near your bedside.

Our mission has always been to provide cleaner alternatives to traditional remedies, and this was no exception. Traditional cough drops can be laden with sugars that mask symptoms, however, at Beekeeper’s Naturals we’re delivering natural, effective and chemical-free health experiences that empower consumers to stay well without sacrificing their long-term health.” – Carly Stein, Founder

About Beekeeper’s Naturals:
Beekeeper’s Naturals is an innovative company on a mission to reinvent the medicine cabinet. Using unique remedies from the beehive like royal jelly and propolis, the beekeeper-led team is committed to providing the cleanest, most powerful solutions to modern health issues such as brain fog, chronic stress, poor sleep, and scratchy throats. Unlike competitors, they apply scientific rigor to their product development and commit to third-party pesticide testing to ensure they’re creating natural remedies that actually deliver. They also work exclusively with sustainable small-scale apiaries, partner with leading bee research institutions, and prioritize pesticide-free hive health above all else, Beekeeper’s Naturals works tirelessly to raise awareness and create a better environment for our world’s most important pollinators: the bees.

Visit Beekeeper’s Naturals for more info and to order each flavor. You’ll love all of the other Beekeeper’s Naturals products, too! This is a brand well worth supporting for a better future for all.


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