Protect Yourself at the Beach

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A day at the beach is hands down one of the best parts of summer and you probably already know all about how to protect yourself against sunburn. Get even more info by checking out our articles on the 13 best sunscreens for all year and sun protective fashion.

However, there are some other habits of “beach hygiene” you should consider adapting to make sure all you take home are fun memories.

– Ocean water and beach sand can be contaminated by bacteria, which can cause a very nasty infection. The following are simple steps you can take to lower your risk of getting ill:

– Always wear shoes, even when you go into the water. They will protect you feet from small cuts or injuries, which can turn into entry points for bacteria.

– Cover cuts or wounds with a waterproof bandaid.

– Sit on a towel or chair instead of in the sand.

– Avoid swallowing water.

– Playing in the sand and building castles and sculptures is fun at any age. Make sure you wash your hands after, especially if you are heading for a snack.

And for your furry family members:

– Don’t let your dog eat dead fish or food scraps left on the beach and stop him or her from drinking the ocean water. The salt, bacteria and potential parasites can make your fur baby sick.

– Make sure you have plenty of fresh water for yourself and your pup.

– Rinse off your dog’s paws (and fur if you can) with fresh water before leaving the beach to avoid paw and skin irritations.

– And always remember, if it is too hot for you to walk barefoot in the sand, it is probably too hot for your furry friend as well. BTW – that same rule applies to asphalt, when you take your dog for a city walk on a hot summer day.

– Beach more, worry less and get your vitamin SEA

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