Radiance in a Can

RA.D8 Collagen-Infused Sparkling Infusion

Model and actress Autumn Kendrick has laziness to thank for the success of her collagen-infused sparkling teas. RA.D8 is not only refreshing, it is packed with sustainable, clinically-proven ingredients that support natural, radiant aging skin. “I’ll admit, I can be a bit lazy sometimes, and I often found myself in bed realizing that I hadn’t done enough to support natural, radiant aging. That’s when the idea of creating an easy-to-enjoy, daily beauty care beverage came to mind. With my father’s expertise in beverage formulation, we collaborated to develop a product that we could trust and feel good about.” Kendrick adds, “Our goal was to make graceful aging accessible to everyone, regardless of age or demographic. With four fun fruity flavors to choose from, there’s an option for everyone to discover and enjoy.”

The sparkling infusion provides a daily dose of collagen, elastin, carotenoids; 100% Vitamin C and Omegas 3,6,7, and 9. Only made with natural ingredients, each can is low in sugar. Flavors include Lemonade Thyme, Green Apple Ginger, Cool Pineapple and Blueberry Vanilla. Kendrick says that creating the flavors was a meticulous process that involves balancing three core ingredients: marine collagen, brewed sea buckthorn extract, and a tomato oil dispersion. “The challenge was to ensure that the flavors complemented these ingredients, particularly the sea buckthorn, rather than masking them. I sought inspiration from cooking and cocktail recipes to find flavors that pair well with sea buckthorn berries. The result was our four unique flavors.”

While the drinks are tasty, they also provide crucial hydration, something Kendrick noticed the importance of when she was busy traveling and working on set as a model. “It’s the best beauty advice I’ve ever received. I can notice the difference in my skin right away.” For ultimate hydration and a radiant glow, beauty is as close as a sip away with RA.D8. Check it out HERE.