Rebuild your Body’s Collagen Supply with Ancient Nutrition

Did you know that the word “collagen” comes from “kólla,” which means glue in ancient greek? Collagen is the glue that holds together your bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments together. Up to one third of your body’s protein is made up of collagen. The four main types are type I, II, III, and IV. Type I is made up of dense fibers that supply the materials for skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth. Type II is made of looser fibers and elastic cartilage used to cushion joints. Type III supports the structure of organs, muscles, and arteries. Type IV is found in the layers of your skin. Unfortunately as you age, not only does your body’s collagen supply disappears but the existing quality becomes inferior.
To help support good collagen in your body, you need to eat high quality protein. Vitamin C, amino acids, and copper are the nutrients that comprise high quality collagen. One good source of collagen can be found in the connective tissues of animal foods such as in the chicken and pork skin. To strengthen your collagen, drink bone broth which you can make by boiling down the bones of chicken, fish, and other animals or eat gelatin, which is very high in the amino acids needed to produce collagen.

If the taste of plain collagen supplements turns you off, mix a spoonful of Ancient Nutrition’s Grass-Fed Collagen Golden Milk with turmeric and ginger into your juice, water or smoothie. You will love the slightly spicy flavoring. It features collagen types I and III, supports healthy skin, nails and joints. Extracted from 3 real-food sources (grass fed New Zealand beef, lamb, and venison), it is sweetened with New Zealand manuka honey and monkfruit. Add one scoop with 8 ounces of water or a smoothie. You can even mix it in your pancakes or cookies dough. Turmeric is commonly used to reduce inflammation such as osteoarthritis, and ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help your aging body stay well.  Nut free, gluten free, made without dairy, Ancient Nutrition Grass Fed Collagen can be ordered at .