Relaxation, Comfort + Quiet: A Trio for End-of-Summer

Here are some items that will help you chill and savor the sunshine as summer slowly segues over into Fall’s more frenzied whirl:

Earplugs were way overdue for an edit, and they’ve been redesigned to perfection by Antwerp, Belgium’s Loop. These earplugs have a loop for removal, enabling you to gently twist them in and out and are available in an array of colors. They come with 4 interchangeable ear tip sizes for a perfect fit each time too, and are easy to clean and reusable. So relax while remaining engaged. You can use these earplugs every day.
Choose your audio preference, or mix-and-match them:

Loop Quiet – Bring On The Noise
in Zen White and five other colors.
Best for: complete quiet when traveling, trying to focus deeply, sleeping, and noise sensitivity. These shut out the world when you need a complete audio break and total silence.

Loop Engagement and Engagement Plus – Live Out Loud
in Lucid Rose and three other colors.
Best for: Parenting, noise sensitivity, social gatherings and events. Converse and remain social, but without all of the background noise.

Loop Experience and Experience Plus – Bring on the Audio Drama
Available in 4 colors.
Best for: Music, live events, increasing focus, motorcycling.
Enjoy your experience, but save your ears!

Opt for the retro Solstice Loop aesthetic, or the Tomorrowland offerings for nightclubbing, concerts, and more.

Price: ranges from $24.95 – $44.95.
Find them all HERE.

Beach, Pool, and Fall Reading – Four Seasons at Cutler’s
Author Caroline McBride‘s jaunty book is a rom-com in book form and a travel lover’s delight. Fun, surprising, and a classic tale of a single professional woman torn between two people, Four Seasons at Cutler’s is set in the realm of the PR industry and takes readers on a journey to Dubai, Mexico City, Cannes, Florence, Puerto Rico, L.A., Santa Barbara, Philadelphia, the Hamptons, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, and beyond. This is exactly the type of book that lends itself to sun and surf as a backdrop as summer winds down. Protagonist and serial dater Charlotte has a prolific boyfriend on the spectrum, a very tempting new boss, and a year to choose “The One.” Enjoy this at your leisure.
Price: $18
Find it HERE at Barnes & Noble (Post Hill Press). Also available at Amazon, Audible, and Apple Books.


Allure Tranquility – CBD Gummies for Serenity>
Whether you wish to simply relax now and then or routinely enjoy a deeper and sounder sleep,
Allure Tranquility from Allure Global is the solution. With 25mg CBD, 9mg multi-vitamins, and 10mg melatonin per gummy, you’re certain to savor some down time. These include vitamins C, D, E, and zinc for bolstering immunity as you slumber or lounge around. We all need some personal time to decompress, reflect, plan, and simply do nothing – it’s part of being human.
Price: $46
Find these HERE.

May the rest of your summer feel like a sweet respite.