Eat, Floss, and Be Merry

What’s the first aspect you notice about people when you first meet them? Some may say; their eyes (probably the romantics), their lips (oh la la), but for most folks: their smile. Specifically their teeth. Checking out their pearly whites for a clean grin, free of afternoon’s salad or pulled pork sandwich. This holiday with mask regulations lessening, we are stepping out and smiling with season greetings. Thanks to our friends at Cocofloss, we can beam as we floss with their holiday collection of oh-so-luxurious floss for fresh breath, all year long.

Now, normal floss tends to hurt my teeth and turn me off from flossing altogether. It’s made with cheap plastic and gross wax that just spreads around plaque and cuts into my gums. Ew. Not Cocofloss, though. They offer a plush and woven material (made from plastic water bottles; support an eco-friendly dentistry) 500+ scrubby threads, to be exact. The floss hugs your teeth and soothes them with coconut oil, which happens to be a natural antimicrobial. Healthy smile, healthy body, since a lot of dental issues contribute to disease. Imagine the pretty smile you’ll be sporting more confidently when you just know you’ve freshly flossed before heading out the door.

For my red lipstick fans, you know that blue-based reds make your teeth shine and shimmer — think old Hollywood classic red lip. It never goes out of style. And neither do the flavors of Cocofloss’ Essential Elf-Care (warning: it’s so freakin’ cute and itty-bitty, you might just die from adorableness). Containing lickable flavors of the season: dark chocolate, vanilla bean, pure peppermint, and (my personal favorite) apple cinnamon. Don’t eat it though, purely for the pearlies. The flavors are very subtle so you won’t feel a sugar rush when getting clean. And clean you will be, with the Caribbean blue color of all their flosses you can visibly see all the food/plaque/mouth gunk that hides away throughout your day. I sort of love it, in a gross-but-wow-that-was-in-my-mouth (?!) kind of way.

Time for some real fun, more flavors:
If you’re from a place where snowy Christmases are pretty much impossible, you might enjoy the South Pole Holiday Set. You can relieve your frozen cocktail craving with these flavors; Sweet Pineapple (for my Pina Colada fans, hey, that’s me too), Summer Watermelon, Banana Daiquiri, and Confetti Cake. Think snow on the beach with a gingerbread tan and candy-cane-colored sunglasses. Book me a one-way ticket there please, with my Cocofloss toothbrush in my carry-on bag, of course.

Introducing the Happiness Set
I like happiness. I like Cocofloss. Sounds like a good pairing. The Happiness Set quad includes Fresh Coconut (for my tropical girlies, go crazy), Pure Strawberry, Cara Cara Orange, and the quintessential queen, Delicious Mint. All of them share that fragrant goodness with a light taste. Perfection. And for the little purple box that caught my eye first, the popular girl in my eyes, Passion Fruit. I had a lot of it (the fruit) while on my trip to Puerto Rico, and my goodness, the floss transports me back to this summer. Over and over, when I floss my two front teeth. I live for that scent memory. And you can savor your own scent memories this holiday season with Cocofloss. Have some festive flossing this holiday season – and don’t eat too much sugar without your Cocofloss on standby!