September Fit Finds

Energy Flow

The latest in the Exhale Spa Core Fusion classes and DVD series is Core Fusion Yoga: Energy Flow. This is the first yoga DVD from Exhale spa’s award-winning fitness DVD line. The DVD features Core Fusion creators Fred Devito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, who have over 50 years’ combined experience teaching Pilates, Lotte Berk Method, yoga and dance.

The DVD is designed to reduce inches, tighten, lift and tone the body using a unique combination of yoga, cardio and core conditioning. The exercises feature five 10-minute workouts, which can be completed all at once for a more intense, full-body workout, or individually, allowing for focused conditioning. The DVD also includes several bonus workouts, such as: Core Fusion Lean & Toned and Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt, and a 5-minute Savasana and Stretches routine designed to finish the workout with a peaceful state of mind.

The DVD title may lead you to believe (as it did me), that this workout is slow paced, but it is anything but that. This lively, fun workout will leave you feeling energized and toned. You’ll really feel the calorie-burning benefits of cardio, the sculpting effects of Pilates and the flexibility and balance of Yoga, all in one workout! This is definitely a DVD I can see giving results in no time and it’s one I’ve enjoyed doing several days a week as it really doesn’t get boring!

Available for $16.99 at Exhale spas nationwide and http://www.exhalespacom.

Fit Fashionista

If you’re like me, sometimes it takes the simplest things to make you want to workout instead of stalling in Sephora and missing your gym class. Kiehl’s products in the bathroom (thank you, Equinox),and the thought of a top of the line blow dryer, like I said it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Another thing that makes me remember my gym clothes is a cute, stylish gym bag. Meet the Lindsay Tote by Ellington, a sport and stylish carryall for the fit fashionistas.

The crushed nylon bag comes in black and red and my favorite part is that it contains a stow-away compartment at the bottom of the bag, which is perfect for your smelly/dirty or just bulky gym sneakers! This compartment could also hold computer cables or other heavier accessories if you use the bag as an everyday tote. The main compartment of the bag is roomy and contains several pockets for your cell phone, keys, a book, and has a hidden magnetic closure. The fabric is soft and light so even if you pack a lot into the bag, it never feels heavy. I’ve been using this for the gym, weekends away when my sneakers don’t seem to fit in my regular carry-ons and even as a purse on days where I need the extra room.

If you’ve never heard of Ellington, you should check out the Lindsay Tote and their other functional handbags at Ellington is a group of dedicated people creating casual-chic handbags and travel accessories for women who lead active lives.

Available at

Bottoms Up

Everyone today is trying harder to be eco-friendly, and one of the easiest things you can do is buy re-useable bags and bottles. If you’re like me, you have those cotton or nylon bags in every purse and desk drawer, and a Sigg-type water bottle both at home and the office. However, using the same water bottle day in and day out, definitely has led me to wonder, how do I clean this in both an effective and safe way? Luckily, I finally found an amazing new product that banishes germs and odors for those times when your water bottle is not so “fresh,” and it’s called Skweet! Skweet cleans water bottles made of plastic, stainless steel or aluminum and contains non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients like citric acid and grapefruit oil to clean and deodorize. An avid cyclist who was worried about the gross bacteria that could be growing in your eco-friendly bottles created Skweet, so by just using a teaspoon of Skweet in your water bottle, you’ll banish germs and any lingering odor. One jar of Skweet holds enough powder for up to 24 washes, so go buy some today and ensure the water you’re drinking is as fresh and clean as possible!


Lettuce Lovers

To some, salads are synonymous with bland and boring, but the new salads I discovered at the grocery store will definitely add some spice to your green routine. You probably know Fresh Express from the bag salad section of your produce aisle, well they have just launched their Artisanal packaged salads. These salads bring the taste of the four seasons with ingredients cultivated by artisanal growers and picked throughout the year for optimal freshness and taste.

The distinctive blends are crafted to deliver seasonal peak-of-flavor taste, which for someone like me who doesn’t always have access to the best produce, is very appealing! The new blends include:

• Sierra Crisp Herb – An herb salad that combines the taste and crunchiness of Sierra Crisp lettuce with mild red baby butter lettuce and a changing seasonal accent of herbs
• Wild Rocket Zest – A boldly flavored salad that blends robust, peppery Wild Rocket with flavorful greens like mustard and Tatsoi for zesty flavors. In the winter, the spinach in this blend will be replaced by chard.

These new salads also have a new packaging: the new convenient salad bag maintains product quality and shelf life of similar Fresh Express blends, while using 50 percent less plastic. As with all Fresh Express salads, these new blends are thoroughly washed, contain no preservatives and are ready to eat.

Fresh Express artisanal salads are now available at select retail grocery stores across the country. To learn more about Fresh Express artisanal salads, visit