Shot’s Up – Get your Greens With Broc Shot.

Did you eat your greens today? Or did you, like I used to, forget and promise to double or triple up tomorrow with a heaping portion of kale salad, a wheatgrass shot, and a double scoop of moringa powder in your smoothie? Or maybe you’ve not yet been inducted into the chlorophyll, fiber, and mineral-worshiping church of green superfoods? It’s a matter of fact that we all need our greens, and lots of them for antioxidants, gut health, mental health, as well as the anti-inflammatory, detoxification, and collagen-building processes which manifest in clear, radiant skin, improved athletic recovery, and bolstered immunity.

For a while we thought kale and Brussels sprouts were the most nutrient dense vegetables, but turns out mom was right – it’s broccoli, sort of. Recently there’s been a lot of research into a less often eaten part of the broccoli plant – the sprouts. Broccoli sprouts, the Crème de la Mer of greens, are the richest source of sulforaphane, clinically proven to detoxify the body from pollutants, stabilize gut bacteria, and strengthen the gut barrier to enhance immunity. Unlike other green powders which mix all variety of veggies, the recently launched supplement Broc Shot is exclusively powdered, hydroganic, non-GMO broccoli sprouts – nothing more, nothing less.

The Broc Shot starter kit and monthly subscription, available in Original, Ginger-Lime, and Pineapple+Mint, comes with a 30 day supply of individual packets for maximum freshness and perfect dosage. Also included is a sleek stainless steel green shaker. Each packet contains 15 mg of sulforaphane, the equivalent of 10-lbs of broccoli to be mixed with water for a perfect, health-giving green shot.

After a week of experimenting with optimal incorporation into my routine, I’ve found Broc Shots in Lime+Ginger works best in the morning on an empty stomach or post-workout. The zesty finish packs a spicy, herbaceous pick-me-up. After a week of daily dosage, with clearer, brighter skin, radically improved digestion, and zero sugar cravings, I feel like I’ve just completed a 10-day cleanse. And all it took was a shot of green magic.

Gesha-Marie Bland

Staff Writer

Not bland at all. Gesha-Marie Bland is an essayist, Vanity Fair-published film and television writer, and unrepentant beauty junkie who jumpstarted her career at NYU’s Master’s Program in Cinema Studies. In homage to her beauty icons Jeanne Moreau, Dolly Parton, and Grace Jones, she is forever in search of the perfect cat-eye liner, a killer pair of heels, and unforgettable statement accessories. Currently NYC-based, this dual American-French citizen still wears all-black and has a soft spot for clean beauty, pharmaceutical-grade actives, and most ingredients sourced from vineyards in the south of France. She loves New Wave cinema, Mary Gaitskill’s fiction, Spain, and matcha double-shots. After selling "The Ripper," her Alexander McQueen-Issie Blow biopic to the Cannes-winning production company Maven Pictures, she remains convinced fashion and couture are the next frontiers for edgy cinematic stories.