Sleep Has Never Come So Easily: Try CBDistillery

Switching time zones has altered my sleep patterns, so I twist and turn in my sheets as time marches onwards (and with that daylight savings, it’s gotten worse). CBDistillery has my back with their Sleep Starter Pack, I’m now able to find the zzz’s and wake up back to being me. CBD Sleep Tincture contains 150mg CBN + 450mg CBD and is a hemp supplement, making for body relaxation that translates to peaceful slumber.

It’s simple to use, dropping the recommended dose under my tongue, waiting ten seconds before swallowing the yummy berry flavor. I usually head into my bathroom after, for a nighttime bath, to soak all my stress away. By the time I’m finished pampering, I’m feeling so relaxed and crawl into bed, getting my eight hours.

For nights where I want something sweet, I reach for the Sleep Gummies. Made with Melatonin and CBD, little sugar and a yummy berry flavor; I enjoy the gummy before I do some bedtime yoga. After ten minutes of child’s pose I find myself dozing off on my mat. These gummies are perfect for any busy body who needs to slow it down and get into a zen space of mind. CBDistillery has saved my sleep and will save yours, too.