Sleep Soundly with Vida Optima’s Dream CBD + CDN Products

Whenever I find myself unable to sleep at night, I’ll often reach for a little CBD treat to help ease and relax myself into some incredibly restoring, deep sleep. I wake up feeling more refreshed in the mornings and find myself fully recharged and ready to take on a day! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite products from a premium CBD brand, Vida Optima, that I’d highly recommend for anyone like me that has trouble sleeping through the night.

Vida Optima’s products are a blend of premium, lab-tested CBD and CBN oils, which are non-psychotropic cannabinoids which help the body balance crucial body functions. CBN is a hemp compound which has been shown to aid with sleep and getting the body and muscles to relax.

Vida Optima Dream CBN+CBD Gummies

These sweet, colorful gum drops are a super easy way to just pop in the mouth and enjoy like candy! A perfect sweet treat for some deep sleep. I recommend these especially for anyone new to CBD products, as the tasty fruity flavors help mask the taste that you generally find with most oils. They’re organic, vegan, and also contain beneficial vitamins like B12 and D3 to help support your body and mind. 

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Vita Optima Dream CBN+CBD Oil – Natural Flavor

This full spectrum oil contains a blend of CBD and CBN oil, along with other non-psychotropic compounds like CBG and CBC. I like oils when I want something faster-acting, since gummies may take some time to digest. With the oil, all I need are a few drops under the tongue before bed and I let the oil do its magic. The dropper form it comes in also makes it easy to control how much oil I use, and really find out what works best for me and my sleep, and adjust accordingly.

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Vita Optima Dream CBN+CBD Oil – Tangerine Flavor

Much like the product above, this is another one of Vida Optima’s Dream Oils, except this is a citrusy Tangerine flavor which is more palatable and enjoyable. These oils really help cut through my anxieties and mellows me out, setting my mind up perfectly for bed. I usually will put a dropper full under my tongue at least 30 minute before I plan to sleep, and it does absolute wonders!

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Check out more of Vida Optima and their amazing CBD products over on their Instagram at @GoVidaOptima!