Snacks for the Wounded Healer in You

Who is ‘Wounded Healer’ Chiron and what can we make of it in a natal chart? Chiron, shaman of the skies aka the wounded healer asteroid personified by the Centaur reminds us the goal of healing is not about being pain-free or even comfortable. Chiron the flying wind horse represents our half-animal and half-human consciousness: our capacity for both differentiated rational thought and intuitive awareness. When it comes to asteroid Chiron, few astrologers have contributed such meaningful and intricate research to the subject as Melanie Reinhart in her book Chiron and the Healing Journey. As you read on to explore your Chiron placement by sign, know the following astro-insights are paraphrased from this profoundly meaningful book. (1)

In Myth, Chiron was poisoned with the blood of Hydra, the 9-headed serpent beast often associated with Scorpio for whom every head gets chopped off by Hercules, three sprout in its place. Unlike Hercules who sets out to SLAY, Chiron is the anti-hero who understands that the Hydra’s poison not only represents what is repressed within ourselves, but is a kind of medicine in itself.

Chiron inspires and enables our cosmo-poetic connection to the unified force field beyond what our senses perceive. We retrieve our ‘lower half’ from the animal kingdom (or from other races of people on to whom we have projected it) and our ‘upper half’ from the authority figures in whom we have invested. Ultimately, one realizes individuality is not an isolated phenomenon, but only maintains value within the context of relationship.

Chiron teaches us about how suffering opens the heart, and how from there, many more dimensions of experience enter in. The more flexible our understanding, the deeper our healing. This is why in shamanic traditions the world over, the shaman-to-be endures a period of illness or suffering. Passing through this trial of death-rebirth leading the initiate into formal communion with the world of spirits and nature, only then is the future channel for interspecies communication authorized to serve. When confronting extremities of loss and trial, Chiron guides us back to the center of our own labyrinth, our unique awakening consciousness. As dark emissary, Chiron is our agent of escape and rebirth from Pluto’s underworld realms. Our Chiron return happening around the age of 50 is one of the most important transits. Here Chiron indicates where we break free of defeating emotional loops and where we learn to see in the Dark and understand the ways of the Earth (Taurus/Scorpio polarity). In other words, Chiron deals with reconciliation of the spiritual and the instinctual.

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The map is not the territory, insists Chiron, reminding us how whenever we think we have figured out “the Answer” we risk forcing ourselves into the corner of our own unconscious hopes and fears. Reinhardt explains that Chiron is about NOT asking what something means; but rather, assuming that we live in a meaningful universe and waiting for it to speak to and through us. When we find the courage to give our inner-Hydra space with wise awareness, we are redeemed.

Why snacks? For one, because food is love. For two, because I want to share with you some really delicious, nutritious and socially-conscious new snacks out there on the market. For three, because simply put, many of us grew up thinking that “eat ice cream and forget about it,” was the right way to go about addressing our wounds, or rather, NOT addressing them. Perhaps you’ve had well-meaning friends or caregivers that attempted to console you by distraction – avoiding discussion of anything that might feel too vulnerable or upsetting. Shoving food in your face, turning on the TV and turning the other cheek on feels. In the New York Time’s Bestseller THE WHOLE BRAIN CHILD authors Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson explore why the brain must revisit uncomfortable,  traumatic experiences for the purpose of integration, and how this is the secret to leading emotionally rich, balanced and fulfilling lives. Their book speaks to in more contemporary and scientific truths the functioning of the twin hemispheres of the brain – left (logic, words) and right (emotion, body language) – what effectively coincides with the half-animal and half-human consciousness Chiron represents. (2)

Chariklo, Wife of Wounded Healer Chiron

Yes, we will always have basic cravings for food and all types of pleasures one can experience living in a body.  In his book In Search of the Medicine Buddha David Crow stipulates that here in the West, memory clinging to sensory pleasure and avoidance of pain is the number one way people destroy their health. This often looks like eating oneself to death because of our modern attachment to taste, or suppressing painful symptoms with drugs (causing diseases to mutate or spread elsewhere in the body). Crow’s study of Tibetan Buddhism’s Ayurveda “the Science of Life” evidences beautifully how a holistic understanding of wellness and nutrition intertwines with the mythology, history, astrology, ritual magic, deity worship and alchemy of ancient India.

As any yogi knows, suffering and illness begin in the mind. Study of Astrology, in particular, wounded healer Chiron, puts us back in touch with what Crow terms the play of the seasons across the landscape of the body, the undeniable influence of the stars, the pull of the moon in the womb. (3) When life disrupts our flow, how do find the strength to carry on? Do we numb and overconsume, or claim our potency back through presence? This isn’t really about snacks, nor uncanny creatures of myth, but your ability to guide yourself back to balance, what is most easily, naturally and freely achieved by a merging of the mind and breath, aka spirit and matter.

Which is why… SPOILER ALERT! Zodiac hardheads Aries, Scorpio and Aquarius get meditations for snacks! Yes we need to eat, but more often, we are looking for something that modern food can’t give us. According to ancient yogic science, food should feed our soul as well as our indwelling gods and goddesses. Agni is the fire of digestion, the God in our bellies to whom we make an offering at every meal. When our digestion fails, what goes with it is the fundamental capacities associated with our sense of self or ‘inner sun’ – our boundaries, our purpose, our capacity for focused action. Most of us can probably admit that if we’re not actively eating ourselves to death, we’re probably either eating the wrong foods or eating the right foods for the wrong reasons. I for one know that my Mother addiction is food. Having touched the depths of despair with disordered eating at a tender young age, I’ve also spent decades of this lifetime developing a toolbox of ways to embrace food as nourishment. Meditation and mindfulness is a huge factor, another thing that dramatically changed my relationship with food over time was simply enjoying and savoring healthy foods that taste and feel good. Eating slowly, and enjoying every bite.  In yoga we call it PRANA FOOD, and try as much as possible to eat whole, organic foods which are full of vital energy. Not only can food heal us, when we heal our relationship to it, life opens up in tremendously powerful ways. And I’m not talking about fitting into the jeans you wore in high school, I’m talking about stepping into your ancestor’s shoes. Study of Chiron, unlike snacking, is not an activity to be taken lightly. Read on if you’re ready for Wounded Healer Chiron to rock your world! And please, pass the Pink Himalayan salt.

If you don’t already know the sign and house of your Chiron at birth, you can download a free natal chart HERE.

CHIRON IN ARIES: Go Gangbusters!

You may unconsciously feel you only exist as a mirror to someone else, taking comfort in this but inwardly criticizing yourself for it. Owning what you do want might initially create panic because it touches the wounded area. If you neither succumb to passive aggression nor act out destructiveness, Chiron can help you come to feel the will of life flowing through you. You may feel motivated to champion a cause on someone else’s behalf like a knight in shining armor, but also feel you have no will of your own. Displays of bravery or fighting spirit compensate pain, self-doubt and fear. Translates emotional tension immediately into premature action. Gains strength through conquest and fighting against difficulties. Beginnings are challenging.  Either you Go-Gangbusters at the start, or hesitate, even get ill, rather than make decisions (collapsing at the threshold of what seems to be an exciting new phase of life). Behind this may lie echoes of birth trauma.

SNACK: Sitali Pranayama (Cooling Breath)

A cooling breath, Sitali Pranayama is a simple practice that can be done anywhere to help reduce nerves, fatigue, bad breath, fevers, high blood pressure and other imbalances associated with excessive Fire (what in the Yogic Science of Ayurveda is called pitta imbalance). Perfect for oh-so fiery Mars in Aries, Sitali Pranayama is especially helpful when we are overwhelmed with anger, even, on the verge of losing control. Sitali Pranayama is practiced by inhaling the breath through the curl of the tongue. We breathe as if “drinking” in moisture-rich air, which cools us down – physically and emotionally. This handy pranayama cools the body and adds moisture to the system.


In a comfortable seated position, with the chin tucked in slightly, curl the tongue into a “U,” and stick it just outside of the lips. Inhale deeply through the rolled tongue, exhale through the nose. Continue for 3 minutes. Alternatively, you can practice this as 108 repetitions – it’s both a deep meditation and a powerful tonic for the body and digestive system.

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Chiron in Taurus: Sexual Victories Don’t Satisfy

Chiron in Taurus has great sexual magnetism and a sense of self rooted in instincts and bodily experience. Unconscious defense mechanisms used to reduce feelings of guilt, vulnerability and helplessness only backfire – heal the inner child, or continue the cycle of suffering. When bodily drives operate unconsciously, we may become possessed by them, or use a great deal of energy trying to repress them. The body begins to speak to us through symptoms that are embarrassingly graphic. If you fail to fully feel safe or stable, one may develop an over-attachment to material possessions, money or property, only to find that acquiring possessions does not resolve the discomfort one feels. If one feels victimized or neglected, find healthy ways to take your power and autonomy back. Love your body and yourself in ways that aren’t about appearance or performance. Learn to love others just as they are. Strategies to feel valued and in control, including sexual victories and financial gains, won’t actually remedy low self-esteem. Acknowledge vulnerability is as much a strength as it is a weakness. Don’t let your strong drive for pleasure and power compromise personal ethics, or attempts at self-mastery will remain just out of reach.

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Chiron in Gemini: Messenger of the Masses

Chiron in Gemini signifies moving from consensus to individual consciousness. You have a capacity to see through false ideals and demonstrate creative non-conformism to heal collective distortions of the mind. In Gemini, magical Chiron is overcoming blockages around communication. Clairaudient extra sensitivity to hidden psychic and emotional nuances in speech.  The ultimate renegade bringing wise awareness to ancestral pain, lest one forget for an Anti-Hero, the poison is also the medicine. Ability to express word and sound as agents of healing, including what is contentious, taboo or otherworldly.

SNACK: Culture Pop Soda

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Chiron in Leo: Making the Heart Sing

Your infectious vibe is about joy in life, spontaneous self-expression, innocence, simplicity and the kind of love that radiates from the heart. True Royalty serves others and shines light for them, Chiron in Leo may enable us to eventually fulfill this role. Children bring joy and  healing. Creativity and self-expression may be areas where you struggle or feel wounded, perhaps even encounter terror, resistance or frequent ‘creative blocks.’ Quiet the restrictive, punishing internal critic. Avoid living vicariously through others efforts! Lack of self-confidence may interweave with the unconscious desire to be a Superstar brighter than anyone! Narcissistic entitlement drive good things away, negative self-judgment freezes the process. Developing self-compassion is key. Perhaps in situations that call for putting oneself out there you pull back and hide, taking refuge behind attitudes like ‘I don’t compete.’ When you enjoy self-expression for the healing it brings, rather than needing to impress others, your vitality is awakened. Painfully aware of the ‘Superego’ from a young age, you might view with disgust the mediocrity, pettiness and self-betrayal which are part of life, yet also feel ashamed of your own meanness of heart. You may develop an almost regal persona on display while making others feel scruffy and ridiculous like the proverbial cat gazing at the Queen. Cultivate a generous appreciation of human folly.


Cacao, food of the Gods, is the heart-opening medicine par excellence. In his biography, anti-colonial nationalist Mahatma Gandhi, best known for leading India’s nonviolent resistance to successfully obtain independence from British rule, speaks of how he had a daily cup of cacao. Nothing more regal for you Chiron in Leo, Raw Chocolate is ALL antioxidants and love!  Handmade in Ridgewood and Long Island, Raw Chocolate Love is organic, dairy-free, kosher, vegan, paleo, plant-based and  sustainable. Consciously indulge in flavors like Double Dark, Dark Orange, Almond, Espresso, Coconut, Peanut Butter and more. Founded in 2008 by nutritionist Shimon Pinhas with the goal to nourish the mind, body, and soul, these small batch miracles of taste afford cacao’s countless health benefits and anti-aging effects while being chock full of superfoods, essential vitamins and minerals. When I chose the free pick-up option, my son and I received a tour of the Ridgewood factory with some samples to boot!

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Chiron in Cancer: Unhealable Injury of Family

You may experience feeling that parents did not give the care you needed. A search for home, belonging and security. Unhappy childhood remains an open injury compensated for by things like creating your own big family, or perhaps, deciding to never have children. Energy radiates Benevolent Mother, but avoid catering to an endless stream of needy people, even with positive projections, this will drain your batteries. Creating a sense of safety, privacy and sanctity in your domestic environment is key. Stretch out slowly into sharing the complex nuances of your innermost feelings. Separation anxiety, needing to be needed, resorting to subtle emotional deals to create umbilical unity. Think – women who become very crabby when their role as good breast is threatened.

SNACK: Ambrosia Elixirs

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Chiron in Virgo: The Courage to Feel 

You may take years to fully digest a hurtful experience, replaying every nuance in your mind. Channeling sterility on some level – quite the taboo for a society in which bigger, better, brighter is valued and encouraged. Likewise, your go-to shrinking qualities of bitterness and fear are shunned. Emotional issues are mirrored in physical symptoms. Risk feeling the underlying emotion and the energy will release. Tendency to become vexing or workaholic, periods of ‘burn out’ self-sacrifice and martyrdom, with accompanying feelings of guilt and blame. May engage in mutually-critical sado-masochistic liaisons, or prefer pseudo-platonic relationships where sexual undertones are never openly acknowledged. Unwittingly seduced by the drive towards perfection. Where there is talk of ‘curing’ or ‘becoming who you truly are’ we may need to discriminate between a subtle kind of exorcism of anything not ideal and a healthy process which cultivates what is truly life-enhancing.

SNACK: Cats-a-dilla

In the sign of pets, service and work, Chiron in Virgo aids you to eventually get out of your head and engage in meaningful mind-body conditioning acts of service. Maybe you feel like a baby animal at times, poking your head out into the world, not sure whether to turn back. Luckily, Virgos tend to love food as much as they love pets. The best of both worlds? Meet the Cats-a-dilla! Prep time less than 3 mins.


Flour or corn tortilla

Handful of shredded cheddar cheese

Salsa (optional)

Sour Cream (optional)

Veggie Slices such as bell pepper, carrot, cucumbers and tomatoes


1. Heat the frying pan over low heat and warm a tortilla on one side for about 30 seconds. Then turn it over with a spatula and sprinkle with as much cheese as you like.

2. Once the cheese has melted, use a spatula to put the tortilla on your plate and top with a scoop of salsa and a plop of sour cream, if you like.

3. Fold the tortilla in half and decorate with veggie slices. We used black olives for eyes, cucumber for the nose, carrots for ears and yellow bell pepper for whiskers. Get creative!


Chiron in Libra: Ask Permission, or Forgiveness?

Maturity comes through recognizing oneself in the mirror of relationship. Emotional reactions to others may be more to do with you! Social withdrawal may be a necessary, creative time, if we are able to do some soul-searching and separate projections from reality. Not everyone is going to like you if you are being true to self. Enemies do not make you a bad person. Romance is clouded by a relationship with the opposite sex parent, creating the expectation that relationships are dangerous and should be avoided, or at least approached in full battle gear – leading to sorrow, isolation and defensiveness. One may attempt to please everyone, or be all things to all people. An overdoes of diplomacy and tact may leave one fearful, brittle and defensive. Learn how to stay creatively in situations fraught with conflict. If we attract ‘lame ducks’ we are likely not acknowledging a painful failure of our own, or we need them to feel powerful. If we attract dominating people, it may mean we have trouble owning our power. If we persist as seeing ‘the one who wounds’ as outside of ourselves, blaming others and ignoring our own part in the scenario, we leave ourselves open to it happening again.

SNACK: Mantra for Creativity

Chanting this mantra engages the power center at your navel point, opening one to the primal force of creativity. The sounds create a vibration and breath flow that releases energy blocks in the body so that you can align with the creative flow of the universe. The mantra in Sanskrit translates to “All aspects of the Creator are bliss.” A powerful and well-known mantra from Kundalini Yoga, the four-part mantra invokes the creative process. Har expresses the potential for infinite creativity. Haray is the flow of creative force. Hari is the manifestation of creative force. Wahe Guru calls out ‘the ecstasy of consciousness is great.’


Start from a comfortable seated position. Chant the mantra below for up to 11 mins.



Listen on Spotify HERE


CHIRON IN SCORPIO: EMPATHY, Weaponized or Elevated?

Dwelling in the cemeteries of society grants insight into the impermanence of life. You see to the heart of every situation, just don’t let your taste for emotional and mental dismemberment get out of hand! Think rites of passage and a life-long meditation on mortality, sexuality, birth, loss, abandonment, rebirth and regeneration. Deep personal transformation overcoming feelings of separateness. Uncomfortably aware of one’s own destructiveness or fascination with death. Adept at hiding vulnerability and dependency behind a facade of being powerful and inscrutable. Reframe patterns of emotional destructiveness as a desire to return to the primordial Mother’s womb, the ground zero of cellular consciousness. Merging mind-body-soul with the object of desire. Love-triangles, jealousy and power-struggles abound. Avoid the love/hate sea-saw of ‘negative-Inflation’ and becoming too intensely devouring, consuming or passionate in relationships. Aura of sexual promise most likely masks deep wounding. Charisma, sexual magnetism and the ability to influence people deeply through words and emotion is either weaponized or elevated to cosmic proportions. This can be abused where there are unconscious infantile patterns at work, or if one pretends it is not there.

SNACK: Meditation to Open the Heart

This is a great meditation for all those Chiron in Scorpio types vacillating painfully from happiness to misery, and for all those who have closed their heart in response to past hurts. When it feels like our heart keeps breaking, that’s because it needs to be BROKEN OPEN. Qualities of the heart center are compassion, love, service and the shadow side of that place —grief, attachment, and heartlessness. Move the energy of the heart. Let it flow forward and out and back to you. It’s not just your heart that you affect with this meditation, but the three minds as well: positive, negative and neutral. If the negative mind is out of balance, the heart feels too heavy or in pain. A person can feel isolated and alone in their despair. Longing to belong can be intense when the negative mind rules. The more that we sync into meditation, the more we strengthen the positive mind and by doing this come into a neutral mind where one is able to feel the whole play of life with compassion. Scorpio ruling the genitals, it may be essential to consciously connect your ample sex energy to your holy heart space. And this meditation will help you do just that.


Sit in a comfortable seated position, with the chin tucked in slightly. Eyes closed, looking up towards the third eye. Make the transition from step to step below a flowing movement corresponding with the mantra.



As you say SAT, hands are pressed together in prayer at the center of the heart.

As you say KAR, the hands are extended out from the shoulders in a T-shape, half way towards full extension of the arms, fingers pointing up.

As you say TAAR, the arms fully extend out to the sides and parallel to the floor, fingers pointing up. Continue for 11 mins or less.

Find it HERE


Chiron in Sagittarius: Divine Presence or Discontent?

Driving force is spiritual and expansive. One may feel wounded by God, and the

divine discontent won’t be satisfied by food or the latest cult movie. In the West, for many centuries women have had no transparent image of a wise woman in touch with her sensual side. When an inherited religious framework does not suit our inner needs, one may travel a long, lonely journey in search of meaning and purpose. Making an important journey or pilgrimage. Recognizing that ‘purpose’ concerns being as much as doing can help one feel nourished by vision rather than driven by it; clearing the way for fruitful action. Use clear discernment when seeking truth, or risk being vulnerable to exploitation. A little Geminian rationality and light-heartedness may be useful to balance one’s tendency to make zealous commitments to a mentor or teacher, one that may turn out merely to be a glorified father or mother-figure. Unspoken righteousness can have enormous impact on an impressionable soul, avoid becoming a ‘meaning freak.’ Refine your capacity to appreciate life as an expression of the Divine, right here and now: once we trust its presence we no longer need to pursue it. Pay attention to how you process disappointment. In a culture where ‘positivity’ says such feelings may be taboo, recognize any truth which nourishes the soul must encompass personal feelings, and does not rely on dogma.


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Chiron in Capricorn: Fail Forward

In Capricorn, Chiron’s wound is likely around one’s sense of accomplishment, power, status, mastery and work in this lifetime. One may sometimes misjudge their own capacities, taking on too much, fail, and then feel guilty about not living up to responsibilities. In youth one may have been driven to fail in order to disappoint parents, when in fact failure may have been your first success. One may have grown up determined that ‘I’ll never be like my father,’ struggling hard against this model, only to discover that this wounded, authoritarian Father looms large within your own psyche, threatening the positive outcome of conscious goals and aims. Underneath the anger lay painful feelings of vulnerability and dependence as well as intense love for one’s parents. One may continue to sell oneself short until this pattern is made conscious. Integrity is strong with this placement, and one is seldom fooled by appearances. As a child of Saturn one understands that things important to the soul take time and need ongoing commitment and care. Overtime one comes to more fully understand what it is to feel inadequate or to fail, AND that our lives are subject to invisible laws which operate from the spiritual level, and may not be designed to gratify the ego!

Snack: Protein Smoothie

For you Chiron in Capricorn, even something as simple as snacks better be done right. What better fuel for a day’s hard work than clean protein? Knowing your tendency towards mastery, you simply can’t underestimate the benefits of ample protein intake when it comes to the physical longevity and efficiency you expect. Throw a scoop into your homemade matcha or breakfast smoothie and let the momentum carry you away. A fundamental macronutrient and a critical building block for a healthy body, protein offers essential support for muscle growth, development and recovery. The highest quality whey protein on the market, Momentous grass-fed whey isolate is not only cold-processed to preserve native protein structures, but optimized with a clinically-proven enzyme blend to support digestion and absorption of amino acids, minimizing GI upset. Formulated by registered dietitians and elite sports professionals, when it comes to active lifestyle supplements, Momentous can’t be beat.

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Chiron in Aquarius: The Map is Not the Territory

Blessed with the capacity to see through all facades, you are vulnerable in the sphere of ideas and ideals. An original and iconoclastic thinker and yet – paradoxically – prone to taking on stereotypical attitudes unwittingly. One may be become a vehicle for controversial collective ideas and suffer for it. One may be a writer, poet, teacher or philosopher who influences people’s thinking but is ostracized for being ahead of their time. Don’t let group think intercept your own awakening! Intensely critical of society, with a strong desire to make positive change. One may become depressed, angry or reactive when struggling to accept how things are now, and how impossible or fleeting progress feels. One may be oversensitive to ‘getting it right’ and tie oneself in knots trying to live up to ‘spiritual ideals.’ Embracing spiritual utopianism or studying revolutionary politics, one may become progressively disillusioned before realizing that there is no perfect system or person on Earth. Fervently believing one knows how things ‘ought to be,’ one also needs to learn humility lest we espouse ideas, ideals or ways of life with as much rigidity as the old system we have rejected, leading from the shadow. Gifts of clarity, detachment, a highly developed socio-political antenna and an ability to perceive and articulate current collective trends. The spacious mind becomes itself an instrument for the healing of distorted thinking, as it builds one’s capacity to detect and release prejudice, assumptions and hidden beliefs.

SNACK: The Liberated Heart Meditation

This Kriya builds equanimity, steadfastness and immunity by developing the neutral mind. When the neutral mind is working for us, we observe everything without reacting in anger or enmity. In the absence of these reactions, one’s heart can open and one can live in authenticity with the self. Not necessarily for beginner’s, practice this meditation with respect and start slow. Times should be increased slowly as your nerves adjust to the psychosomatic changes the meditation initiates.


Sit in a comfortable seat position, chin tucked in slightly. Raise the hands up in front of the face with the palms facing forward. Curl the fingers so that the fingertips press onto the mounds at the base of the fingers. Extend the thumbs out from the hands and press the thumb tips together. The thumbs form a little arc at the level of the lips. The elbows are relaxed, down by the sides of the chest. Bring hands 6-8 inches in front of the face. Tips of the thumbs touch to form the arched hook of the swan’s neck, representing inner grace and the dominance of the neutral mind. Focus the eyes on the tips of the thumbs.

Begin to inhale completely in 8 equal strokes. Then exhale in 8 equal strokes. One entire breath cycle (16 strokes) takes about 10 seconds. Concentrate on the rhythm of the breath. Let the sound of the breath itself become your mantra. The 8:8 rhythm will work on the connection between the Heart Chakra and the immune system. The hand position will give you strength. Continue for 11 – 31 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold the breath as long as comfortable, then exhale. Inhale again and stretch the hands upward. Pull up on the spine as you open and close the fists. Exhale. Repeat the last breath again. Relax.

Find it HERE

Chiron in Pisces: Thy Burden is Light

Loss of personal identity through the experience of ecstasy is a strong psychological need. In order to claim some sense of separate individuality and power to enter into life one may need to ‘eat the bull’ – to honor the primal phallic potency that lies within us. Sending floods of emotional moods and deviousness calculated to wear away the city walls of the victim we envy. When we initially lack sufficient discrimination, we are vulnerable to becoming confused or alienated. Although the meaning of our life may be bound up with our experience of suffering, this placement invites us to sacrifice our attachment to it.


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1. Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhart, London: Starwalker Press, (2009)

2. THE WHOLE BRAIN CHILD: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, New York: Bantam Books (2011)

3. In Search of the Medicine Buddha: A Himalayan Journey by David Crow, New York: Penguin (2000) p. 5, 28, 53, 63, 164

Katie Cercone

Katie Cercone is an interdisciplinary artist, yogi, curator & astro-feminist based in Queens, NYC. Katie teaches GENDER TROUBLE in the Visual & Critical Studies Department at SVA. To learn more about her yoga and astro-oracle offerings, follow @parvati_slice on Instagram